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How are Houston and Florida coping? Because Puerto Rico sure isn't.

If you're under 60, you weren't promised flying cars but Blade Runner. So retro-futurism is now "a grim-cyberpunk dystopia".

Interesting. In 30 years there'll be a short story collection that will define a new genre and it will include a story called "The Gibson Continuum". The one where the narrator starts hallucinating shattered buildings with Banksy murals overlaying their spotless, post-scarcity reality.

One of Gibson's aphorisms.

Old people, to the young, appear to have made some sort of inexplicably terrible decision to become old.

9 mixes that make up several hours worth of Grant's DJ selections some of which are his own productions.

It's ALL good. So-ooooh good.

Fidget & Gurn
It's 2am. Molly and her friends keep treading on your toes as they push past you on the sticky floor.

Blue Bass Shoes
Arches blackness. Foot shuffle. Bass wind. T-shirt rattle. Lights. Cloakroom. iPod. Automatic. Home.

Sweet Dreamz
Wrap me up in cotton wool. A few more hours and I'll be asleep.

Armchair Therapy
Lonely headphones in a comfortable armchair. No rush, no fuss.


A mix for a typical Sat night out. Can you put music to each time period?

Drama Llama Diva
Pre-loading before the night out. So much emotion, so little time.

Lounge Step
If cocktail bars played decent music for the 1st martini at 7:30pm, this would be it.

Living in the Happy House
Getting in the groove, in the happy place, with the happy smile.

Snap, Crackle & Pop
Break down, Build, Drop, Repeat. Stabbing the eardrums with icicles of compressed mid-range attack. Are we having fun yet?


My post:

IDC used to do analyses of things like growth in total information and total information storage. In 2011, information (whatever that meant, in bytes) was doubling in <1 year. Information storage (disk and tape) was doubling in about 18 months. I haven't seen figures like that for a while now so I'm not sure what that would mean now.

Note: Information was growing faster than ever, but storage was growing slower. So forgetting was also growing exponentially.

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man 

I was trying to find the name of that Brazilian artist that Bruce Sterling mentioned in the 2011 State of the World discussion on The Well. The one that does anthropophagic Syncretism linked to the Tropicalia and Abravanista movements.

Her name's Cibelle Cavalli

In the process I re-discovered a whole bunch of obsessions I had then about exponentials and retromania. 6 years on, I think they need another airing.

"A species destined for self-extinction by its incurable tendency to prefer stumbling around in the dark over changing the light bulbs because every individual thinks it's up to someone else to do it."

You know that paper that appeared this week, that said climate change was happening slower than we thought, and so we had more time to stay below 1.5C

Massive, massive, troll. And unbelievably successful as a troll because the world's MSM, all the deniers, all the AGW concerned people, bought into it and amplified it. We all swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

And the timing. Just as USA/Trump are rejecting Paris.

IMHO, of course,

Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations has been getting a lot of air time lately. And watching her performances, I keep wondering. Does the USA, Trump and the Republicans have an endless supply of spokespeople with no shame who can spout obvious falsehoods with no visible trace of self awareness?

Austria 8,794,267
Israel 8,743,860
* Catalonia 7,523,000
Bulgaria 7,101,859
Denmark 5,760,694
Finland 5,508,714
* Scotland 5,295,000
New Zealand 4,818,050
* Cornwall 532,300
Malta 429,344
Iceland 343,960

Maybe one day, the EU will be 50 regions instead of 28 (sorry 27) countries.

I'm wondering why I often like the bands/producers/DJs who do the 9-10pm through to 1.30am slots but not the 1am-4am slots. Sometimes it comes good again in the chill out, wind down area as the sun comes up.

Maybe I'm just like my father, too old. Maybe I'm just not doing enough drugs to really enjoy BANGING TECHNO at 3am. Maybe I want a bit more complexity and randomness than yet another 808 kick and snare pattern with a 303 bass line and a big drop after the breakdown.

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