When does Elon Musk over-reach himself or get found out?

I used to have the very strong suspicion that Musk was a charlatan. But I reproached myself, because that is a very uncharitable thing to believe about someone who seems to have contributed to significant progress in commercial rocketry. I admit that I cannot completely shake the feeling.

I think the Mars fixation is completely misguided, though, and I hope that public resources are not diverted to that particular colonisation fantasy.

I suspect I may be pattern-matching his relentless forward energy and need to commandeer the public's attention to that of pyramid schemers.

@SistahRobot The comment was prompted by and the comments.

Space is big and hostile. The gravity well is deep. Presumably Musk has got people who have run the numbers. But some of the more grandiose plans, all the way to the Mars trip, feel somewhat disconnected from actual reality.

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