Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism.

Criticism of Laura Kuenssberg and other female journalists is not misogyny or abuse.

Criticism of female politicians is not misogyny or abuse.

Anti-semitism, misogyny and abuse of people in the public arena does exist and should rightly be disavowed. But reasoned and intelligent criticism of the same should not automatically be evidence of abuse.


Quote from the article: „I do not doubt Kuenssberg receives some abuse. Everyone in public life does. I receive abuse including threats of violence.“

The author being one more WASP male, OECD based and with a background privileged enough to have been an ambassador, I‘m not yet convinced he should be my authority of choice on questions of abuse.

@Troim Craig Murray does wind people up. However as always, beware shooting the messenger.

The Labour Party doesn't seem to be able to get past being criticised for "Anti-Semitism" the moment anybody mentions Israel or "Misogyny" any time anyone criticises a female politician or journalist. Jo Cox was real. Most of the criticism is more like a witch hunt against Labour.

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