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A mix for a typical Sat night out. Can you put music to each time period?

Drama Llama Diva
Pre-loading before the night out. So much emotion, so little time.

Lounge Step
If cocktail bars played decent music for the 1st martini at 7:30pm, this would be it.

Living in the Happy House
Getting in the groove, in the happy place, with the happy smile.

Snap, Crackle & Pop
Break down, Build, Drop, Repeat. Stabbing the eardrums with icicles of compressed mid-range attack. Are we having fun yet?


Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond

Fidget & Gurn
It's 2am. Molly and her friends keep treading on your toes as they push past you on the sticky floor.

Blue Bass Shoes
Arches blackness. Foot shuffle. Bass wind. T-shirt rattle. Lights. Cloakroom. iPod. Automatic. Home.

Sweet Dreamz
Wrap me up in cotton wool. A few more hours and I'll be asleep.

Armchair Therapy
Lonely headphones in a comfortable armchair. No rush, no fuss.