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Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond

I was trying to find the name of that Brazilian artist that Bruce Sterling mentioned in the 2011 State of the World discussion on The Well. The one that does anthropophagic Syncretism linked to the Tropicalia and Abravanista movements.

Her name's Cibelle Cavalli

In the process I re-discovered a whole bunch of obsessions I had then about exponentials and retromania. 6 years on, I think they need another airing.


My post:

IDC used to do analyses of things like growth in total information and total information storage. In 2011, information (whatever that meant, in bytes) was doubling in <1 year. Information storage (disk and tape) was doubling in about 18 months. I haven't seen figures like that for a while now so I'm not sure what that would mean now.

Note: Information was growing faster than ever, but storage was growing slower. So forgetting was also growing exponentially.