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That Seattle, WA server I mentioned earlier? It's on an IP address that is #14 on the list of the world's top botnet-hosting networks (AS14061 Digital Ocean)

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Everyone, everywhere, is talking about Hakeem Jeffries.

And literally no one, anywhere, is talking about Kevin McCarthy.

Seems to me Congressman that the Jan. 6 committee referred for investigation, like Scott Perry, should not get a vote for speaker.

Starving for principle.

Republicans, who rely on Social Security for survival vote for Republicans, who plan to take Social Security away.

How do we have a conversation with people who vote against their own interests?

What has to happen for these people to get it?

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I do not shovel this, which means that either faeries actually do live in my tree, or I have great neighbors.


#FairyDoor #winter #neighborhood #whimsy #fae #faefolk #fairies #faeries #fantasy #MagicIsReal #AuthorLife

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All Don Jr wants is fentanyl test strips for Christmas. 🎅🏽

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Crypto Crash, FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, Bail, Amy Castor, David Gerard 

Latest updates on Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX failed crypto-brokerage shenanigans, from Amy Castor and @davidgerard: amycastor.com/2022/12/24/ftx-u

Pretty sure we just need to bribe I mean convince five Republicans to vote for Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker.

It’s not about presents.
It’s about presence.

George Santos claims he sent me a Christmas card but I never got it.

Oh no.
I’m going to have to do last minute shopping with all the men.
What should I wear?

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Someone please give Marjorie Taylor Greene a hundred bucks and send her to Charles Entertainment Cheese tonight, so she doesn’t embarrass us during President Zelensky’s address to Congress.

“Tastes just like chicken” - McConnell on eating McCarthy for lunch.

In a surprise to no one, Senate Republicans are eating House Republicans for lunch. Yum.

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Insurrection crimes are going to come out for the next 20 years that we have no idea about.

Think carefully about the people that don’t think of you until they need something.

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