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EDM musicians sure do love echoey speeches given in a monotone voice

I wish I could take all the toots that say "Always use content warnings" and the ones that say "Never use content warnings" and somehow put them in a caged arena and have them fight to death

Are those of you here in the #Fediverse aware of the amazing resource that is

Let me introduce you.

It has a medieval village #background #noise environment with toggles you can use to increase or decrease the blacksmith shop and market and horse clops (among many others).

Oh, you want a coffee shop? Sure thing.
Rain? Thunderstorm? Gotcha.
Generic white noise?
RPG thrills? Of course.
Tame that #tinnitus? Yes!

Check it out!

#soundscape #WorkSounds

I want to create an instance which everyone plays a character in the same world.

I have to confess, I have a certain amount of basic respect for anyone who would start an organization called the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, even if it's mostly an absurdist joke left over form the countercultural '70s.

Matthew Perry's new addiction memoir is like one of those glossy magazines that offer tours of high-end luxury vacation destinations, except in Perry's case it's an exhaustive look at $10,000-a-night rehab facilities scattered in breathtakingly gorgeous locations around the world

The most French New Wave-sounding statement I've ever heard in my freakin' life

that that rich dad of one of Rachel's boyfriends who once showed up on a random episode of Friends is actually Matthew Perry's real-life father, John Perry, which according to Matthew's memoir is a real piece of work.

Read my ★★ review of Matthew Perry's "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," just the latest in an inexhaustible supply of Hollywood garbage-human bottoming-out memoirs, designed specifically to feed the unquenchable cycle of narcissism and low self-esteem that made that person human garbage in the first place.

Reading Matthew Perry's addiction memoir this week, and so far the most interesting detail is that he once beat up Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau when they were both kids.

Like many of the now creative-class neighborhoods that dot the edges of the Chicago city limits, Hyde Park started out as a wealthy weekend getaway suburb in the 1800s, back when the actual city didn't go much past the Loop and River North. Thus it's one of those weird neighborhoods that occasionally still feature a single street whose layout is a little off the official city grid, because some rich stubborn person used to live there and used all their power and wealth to stop the city from redoing the street, back in 1889 when it incorporated Hyde Park and placed it under the official city limits of Chicago. Huzzah for these little one-block wonders (like here at 52nd and Kenwood), because it's these burps in the system that make an urban landscape so interesting. Seen here, a series of the old upper-middle-class mini-mansions that used to dot this neighborhood in the 1800s, which in this case survived the decades and are now creative-class multifamily residences.

#photography #photo #chicago #hydePark #52nd #Kenwood #unique #strange #rare #curved #street #offGrid #cityPlannng #hiccup #victorian #family #home #creativeClass #repurpose

My current physical To Be Read pile. I have about 50 books on my Kindle currently in the top slot of the TBR list as well.

#literaryLife #reading #books #toBeRead #TBR #list #pile #current

Google has its first official Mastodon account, albeit from the relatively obscure liaison of its core search engine service, Danny Sullivan.

Portrait of Musk 

I painted this back in April, it was obvious what Elon's plans were all along. #ElonMusk #Trump

If mastodon is co-opted by tech giants I would simply move to an even more confusing and esoteric social network

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