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The Netflix Germany TV show 1899 will be right up the alley of Tim Powers fans, a truly sweeping scope that ties the far past and the far future together into one persistent, complex New Weird mythos, one where you're legitimately never sure what's going to happen next. Strongly recommended to speculative fans!


the word "llama" looks like a llama. i put the word on top of a llama in case you couldn't visualize it on your own

Instead of doomscrolling I'm gonna go buy weed. You guys want anything

Elon's thought process 

"My plan would've worked if the stupid human race hadn't ganged up to stop me. Also, the whole point of buying Twitter was to shut it down, so you all just fell into my trap anyway. Plus, as you can plainly see, I singlehandedly kicked off the mainstreaming of Mastodon, the world's next big way to communicate, proving I was a genius all along, so you're welcome, humanity"

Maybe Taylor Swift will get a sunburn and Congress will finally take climate change seriously too

So far, it looks like western tech, policy, and journalist folks are beginning to migrate to Mastodon en masse. Not ubiquitous, but enough that a critical mass can be said to be starting to form in each.

But Mastodon users seem largely U.S./European. I've seen very few e.g. non-diaspora Indians make the migration to Mastodon; the only one that comes to mind is @internetfreedom. Not aware of any Indian reporters/etc who've migrated.

How do we make Mastodon more accessible for the global South?

I refuse to accept that I have 150 boosts on a post about why I like CWs. Interact with my Pokémon content, cowards

#feditips if you post good enough you will go inside the computer and become the posts

"mastodon is a quiet peaceful town" my guy idk what server you're posting on but from here it looks like the alley behind a nightclub, full of raccoons fucking in the dumpster and gnawing on the arm of a couch someone left there

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

wait until y'all find out about federated second life. metaverse can suck it

Hoot! Toot! Did you think you didn't need to see a basket of baby owls (Owlets) today!? I was the same, how wrong I was.❤️😊 #HootToot #Toot #boost #OwlsofMastodon!

I'm 53 and have never been young enough since the invention of emoji to embrace it, but maybe here with my new Mastodon account I'll start getting more used to using it. Using just the emojis I know for sure are recognized at, so your own results may vary. Are you feeling me? :dance_cool_doge:

A brief venture into leftist Mastodon looked promising until I realized that EVERY Very Smart Person was male and white.

🎤 you don’t have to go to Mastodon…
but you can’t stay here 🎤

I'm now donating $1 a month to the instances I belong to -, and It's literally the least I can spend, but if every one of us did it, none of these servers would ever have financial problems. More important now than ever, since the total global userbase of Mastodon shot up this week from 2 million to 7 million in mere days!

@matt, I've decided to start donating a dollar a month to all the instances I belong to, but's public donation page seems to only accept a minimum of $3 a month. Is there a way to pay you $1 a month instead?

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