Basically the "Miami Vice" theme is the only good song on Jan Hammer's soundtrack of the show's incidental music. Surprisingly, the theme itself still really holds up, thanks to the unusual chord changes and dark tone, but the rest of the soundtrack is unironically like ironic contemporary dungeonsynth music. Also, I could watch Jan Hammer jam out on his keytar ALL FREAKING DAY LONG

Listening to Jan Hammer's '80s unofficial Miami Vice soundtrack "Escape from Television" (thanks to a "flow state music" newsletter I belong to), and I gotta confess, the vast majority of it sounds like the cheesy dungeonsynth albums at YouTube I'm addicted to

@therealchris Many instances have public versions of their local feeds, so you can just hop over there and view it that way. Some examples:

Check the main front page of that instance's root address; if they have a public local feed, there will be a link to it there.

@therealchris Based on the notifications I've received when other people have boosted me and strangers have liked it, it's person A. Remember that there's no "quote-tweeting" at Mastodon, so it's essentially still the other person's post you're seeing and interacting with when it's boosted, even if it was a third person who forwarded it to your attention.

This shot of "Miami Vice" theme composer Jan Hammer, jamming out with his keytar at some point in the mid-'80s (found in an email newsletter I subscribe to), was the Wednesday gift I didn't realize I needed

"Walt Disney Presents Alejandro Jodorowsky's Tron," mindblowing illustrations from an '80s movie that never existed, created entirely with the AI illustration app Midjourney.

I’ll be honest with you, when people show me pictures of their cats I’m like, awwww, so cute, but inside I feel nothing. Just like: it’s a cat, confirmed.

It was my turn again to cook for 20 people at the co-op! Tonight, a whole menu of new experiments, including caramelized whole shallots and tofu that boil for a long time in a sugar vegetable broth, avocado soup that also contains onions, celery, rice, garlic and a bunch of other stuff; and vegan sweet dinner rolls (i.e. they literally have sugar in them), w/soy milk & plant margarine.

Looking back at Day 6 of my #CaminoDeSantiago journey and this was my first day walking more than 30km from Estella to Torres Del Rio. It started with the free wine at the Irrache wine fountain - some filled a bottle, I just took a sip - and ended with a quiet couple of hours walking between fields and vineyards.

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Announcement: Macstodon 0.3 is here! 🥳​

Macstodon is a Mastodon client for 68k Macintosh computers! With it, you can post plain-text toots, view your home and local timelines, and view your notifications!

System Requirements:
- A 68020/68030/68040 Macintosh
- System 7.1 through 8.1
- At least 1.5 MB of free memory
- 32-bit addressing enabled
- Internet Config installed
- an SSL-stripping proxy running on another machine

You can download the latest release from GitHub:
(but please read the Read Me, I worked hard on it!)

And with that, I'm going to take a break from this project for a few days! But do let me know if you've successfully used it!

#RetroComputing #RetroProgramming #VintageMac #68K #Apple #Mac #MacOS #ClassicMac

I want David Cronenberg to design the new USB standard, so all the ports and plugs sigh and moan and writhe before finally accommodating each other’s anatomy in a blissful, disturbing union that allows charging and data transfer to occur effortlessly between all equipment.

Pong is 50 years old today.

Little known fact: Pong has no code. Pong doesn't even have a microprocessor. Al Alcorn hardwired the game with transistor-to-transistor logic. (See Henry Lowood:

One more week until there's 8 million Mastodon accounts!

Doesn't it kinda seem like everyone that hung out on Epstein Island have lost their minds afterwards?

Thing that's been fun to watch while high 

Finally watching "Adventure Time" tonight high for the very first time in my life, and I'm like, "OHHHHH, okay"

A new look has been given to some coins first found in the 1700s, judged "fake Roman Empire" because they depict an emperor named Sponsian who was never actually an emperor; it's now thought he was a strong regional military commander when the empire's outer edges were falling apart, who issued these directly to his soldiers which then trickled down into the local economy.

There's an illustration making the rounds showing the top 20 ActivityPub apps, so I spent a morning recently visiting them all. Most of them are just the same Twitter clones as all the others (the "social media interface" is famously easy, and often used as a project in coding bootcamps), but with only a tenth the popularity of Mastodon, except for specialty destinations like Pixelfed and PeerTube.


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