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that the term "taser" actually comes from an old Tom Swift children's book from the 1920s, and stands for "Tom Swift's Electric Rifle."

that part of the reason for the 1950s "gelatin dinner" fad was that gelatin requires a refrigerator to set, which at the time was rare and expensive, so making one proved to others that you were comfortably middle-class.

that @InNOutBurger (a famous chain elsewhere but that doesn't exist in the US Midwest) uses their profits to fund a secret Christian agenda, including printing Bible verses on their cups and wrappers.

that "unsubscribing" from a @Substack does not actually turn off its emails, and that you have to go by the website and specifically trigger a second option to do that. That's some shady nonsense right there, friends.

that eight US Presidents used slave labor inside the White House during their active years in office, all the way up to Zachary Taylor in 1850.

that the lobby of the building, a famous staple of Early Modernism which I had assumed had been torn down long ago, is actually still very much intact and can still be visited by the public at 220 E. 42nd.

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