that that rich dad of one of Rachel's boyfriends who once showed up on a random episode of Friends is actually Matthew Perry's real-life father, John Perry, which according to Matthew's memoir is a real piece of work.

that when people first started using the term in the late 1800s, they were originally referring to the challenge of writing a book that would equally appeal to both Northerners and Southerners in the post-Civil War years.

that you can often tell when an elderly person is on their last day before death, because their eyes get darker in color, although it's not a pigment change but rather a cloudy film building up over them.

that Jules Bass of animation company Rankin/Bass was an intensely private person, and to this day barely anything is known about either his private life or what exactly his role was at the company he co-founded.

that the guy who designed the very first from 1977, , also was the guy at who came up with the see-through "bionic eye" for the doll.

that, like a lot of failing Midwestern cities in the '80s and '90s, Columbus OH had their own expensive folly that city planners thought would spur a downtown revival, but ended up just being a place suburbanites drove to then went home.

that sportscaster was the very first prominent white person to agree to refer to Cassius Clay by his new name, Muhammad Ali.

that wanted her first LIFE assignment to be on the My Lai massacre, but the magazine insisted on sending a man and told her to do a gentle piece on married life, so she wrote an explicit account of her upcoming divorce.

that for six weeks in 1943, the government banned sliced bread so to conserve steel and wax paper. (To be fair, industrially sliced bread had only been invented 20 years previously, prompting the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread.")

I've been using the term "jerryrig" wrong my whole life, and that it's actually a 1700s British Navy term called "jury-rig" (after the French "jour" for "today"), when they would temporarily fix a mast on the fly after a battle.

that , celebrated director of "Little Children" and "In the Bedroom," is the same guy who played the creepy piano player in "Eyes Wide Shut."

that experimental Modernist poet was an obsessive fan of the comic strip , and even wrote the introduction to the first published collection of strips in 1946.

that the 1983 career ender tested so badly that the producers hired the creator of "The Razzies" to design one of the first-ever deliberate Room-style "so bad it's good" marketing plans to promote it.

that go all the way back to , and weren't invented during the Industrial Age like I had assumed. The Egyptians even invented a hand tool called a "tree shaver" to do the work.

that Israeli law prohibits anyone on the planet from immigrating to Israel unless they're Jewish, under any circumstances whatsoever.

that Newt Gingrich writing the Contract With America and the Trumpists attempting a violent overthrow of the government occurred exactly 25 years apart.

that the "quarter" in quarterstaff refers to the fact that they were made out of quarter-sawn hardwood, producing a much harder weapon than the easier method of simply sawing off a small tree branch.

that , an in the early 1700s who spearheaded the first-ever modern archeological examination of Stonehenge, started the modern movement that then led to the modern movement.

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