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I have regular occasion here in to walk the city's underground between Metra's Millennium Station and the CTA's Red Line, and it always hits me how what was supposed to be a thriving subterranean mall is now completely abandoned, literally 0% occupancy. There's something particularly terrifying about being all alone in a city of millions, which regularly happens to me down there.

Boom, page 1 of chapter 1 of 's "The of Being a " already starts the hard truths - no writer in human history has been ENTITLED to get paid just because they wrote something, but they all had to WORK for it. Looking forward to the rest!

Thinking today of the 1985 Dodge Laser for no particular reason

, I'm BEGGING you, PLEASE don't turn your service into another Facebook for the sake of profits. That's the entire reason I joined Substack, because I HATE Facebook, and moves like today's announcement are the fastest way possible to get me to quickly quit again.

At Instagram this year I've been chronicling the self-designed I've been doing since January, so I'm switching the updates over to here now that I'm shutting down my Instagram account. Last night I made something brand-new, style . Super-easy to make, but one of the most visually impressive things I've done yet!

Whoever designs the adorable logo for the , and is keeping on top of daily events and just released a special new image to celebrate , is doing God's work

at are very VERY similar to author 's concept of the Universal Laws in her mindblowing series. A short thread, 'cause I can't fit it all in one post.

I've never seen such a long unbroken string of "ugh, yeah, sure, I guess, at least it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be" movies as I did when I looked up the directing career of Drew Goddard

Being on now feels a lot like my VERY early online days in the '80s, because a big way you new to follow is to surf around randomly until finding a weird small hip that only allows hip people, then check out every public profile there and follow everyone who looks interesting and/or attractive

"The mainstream world angrily rejected Jerry Lee Lewis in 1958, when it became publicly known that he was regularly having sex with a 13-year-old. Record producers suggested he switch to the world of country music, whose fans of course turned him into a massive star."

Got too high tonight and stumbled across an obscure bit of lore about the start of the Jedi Order 25,000 years before the events of Stars Wars, started opening new tabs on interesting-sounding related links, and now look at the mess I've made

that the guy who designed the very first from 1977, , also was the guy at who came up with the see-through "bionic eye" for the doll.

A potential freelance client has written an novel and I was researching it today and it sounds interesting (a form of eroticism concerning "pheromone types"); but then I looked up actual published Omegaverse novels and they're 100% about androgynous gay Japanese men

Today at my : Author
Kyle Beachy shares his thoughts about using agents to publish at mainstream presses; The One Self-Publishing Marketing Plan To Rule Them All; and reviews of "3,000 Years of Longing" and more.

Like one of those terrible self-published Way Of Men-style dystopian thrillers you can only find on obscure Russian bittorrent websites, explaining the new pecking order of society once the apocalypse war washes away the weak like a cleansing rain

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