This shot of "Miami Vice" theme composer Jan Hammer, jamming out with his keytar at some point in the mid-'80s (found in an email newsletter I subscribe to), was the Wednesday gift I didn't realize I needed

It was my turn again to cook for 20 people at the co-op! Tonight, a whole menu of new experiments, including caramelized whole shallots and tofu that boil for a long time in a sugar vegetable broth, avocado soup that also contains onions, celery, rice, garlic and a bunch of other stuff; and vegan sweet dinner rolls (i.e. they literally have sugar in them), w/soy milk & plant margarine.

Thing that's been fun to watch while high 

Finally watching "Adventure Time" tonight high for the very first time in my life, and I'm like, "OHHHHH, okay"

There's an illustration making the rounds showing the top 20 ActivityPub apps, so I spent a morning recently visiting them all. Most of them are just the same Twitter clones as all the others (the "social media interface" is famously easy, and often used as a project in coding bootcamps), but with only a tenth the popularity of Mastodon, except for specialty destinations like Pixelfed and PeerTube.


I was complaining to my brother on text about how burdensome it is to schlep my fancy giant gaming laptop across the country during the holidays (it plus the power brick adds 8 freaking pounds to my backpack), and this was his surprisingly philosophical response

Self-portrait in Amtrak window, somewhere around Pontiac, Illinois.

Riding in the very last car of the Amtrak today from St. Louis to Chicago, which always affords interesting views.

The most French New Wave-sounding statement I've ever heard in my freakin' life

that that rich dad of one of Rachel's boyfriends who once showed up on a random episode of Friends is actually Matthew Perry's real-life father, John Perry, which according to Matthew's memoir is a real piece of work.

The Netflix Germany TV show 1899 will be right up the alley of Tim Powers fans, a truly sweeping scope that ties the far past and the far future together into one persistent, complex New Weird mythos, one where you're legitimately never sure what's going to happen next. Strongly recommended to speculative fans!


Okay, one more shot tonight, I think, of the really perfect batch of kaiser rolls (aka Vienna rolls) I made tonight. I've been doing my breadmaking class for almost a year now, but most of the chronicling was done over at Instagram. I hid the updates as replies in the original post (see my timeline for more), but I've been in this long delightful conversation about it all tonight, sharing lots of photos for those who are curious.

All this year I've been doing a self-designed that I've been chronicling at Instagram, and am now doing here. Here are the (also known as rolls) I posted about earlier (see my timeline for more), now with an egg wash and "everything bagel" seasoning after baking. Kaiser rolls are kind of a pain to shape by hand, but they're SO much nicer than the plain buns baked in "Kaiser roll-shaped" bread pans like you see at the store.

I've been doing a self-designed all year that I was previously chronicling at Instagram and now here. Today I decided to make for the second time, using the I permanently switched to this summer. This time I was more aware that the rolls maintain the shape you make during the shaping process, even through the proofing and baking, so this time I tried to shape them more "roll-looking." Update later!

"Earn a free Kindle book for every $180 you spend on other Kindle books!" is about the most Amazon thing I've ever heard Amazon say

"We help you think about terrible things!" is honestly the most succinct and honest description of the New York Times' newsletter system I've ever seen

your New Agey marketing team at the cannabis dispensary are never able to resolve their fight with the hard-data full-stack coders of your POS software

Okay, I take it back, there are significant differences between 's superhero deconstructions and , despite the similarities. But man, it's AMAZING how much better a writer Moore became in just the few short years between these two projects; check out this unreadable page from 1984, for example. I've never read any interviews with him, and I'm curious if he's ever discussed what effect working with a big place like DC had on his writing skills in the early '80s?

Comic book graphic violence 

I mean, are we just never going to talk about the fact that 's is basically an exact ripoff of his own , written just a few years previous, all the way down to the apocalyptically violent climax by a superhero turned sociopath?

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