It's been officially confirmed that ex-Twitter employees have started a Mastodon instance called, and a look at their local feed makes it look like it's mostly going to be devoted to those who want to seriously learn programming for "social network-style systems" like Mastodon, Diaspora, front-end frameworks, JS and more.

@jasonpettus does this mean that #Twitter might eventually have its own instance after all its advertisers leave? Because #musk won't have any funding to keep it going - eventually.

@viewfromafar I'm not sure if we'll ever see a Mastodon version of Twitter, but we'll certainly eventually someone try to be the first Twitter for Mastodon -- big, mainstream, serving up ads in return for lots of extra perks, trying to convince corporations to do their "official Mastodon presence" there because of high trustworthiness.

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