Read my 2-star review of ' 1989 , which doubles as a look at why these kinds of "white male misogynist nerd writes violent fairytale" stories have so profoundly fallen out of favor in our "woke" times.

I am completely ashamed of myself for the sheer amount of dirty pleasure I've been getting from the constant new revelations in the trial.

Today at my personal journal: In which I hold my very first conversation in , and channel the spirit of Harry freaking Potter

Today at my personal journal: In Which Your Humble Narrator Learns For The First Time, And Accidentally Discovers The Smart, Subversive Pleasures of 's Teen Soap Opera

Read my 5-star review of 's latest historical comedic thriller, the 1600s New World adventure tale .

I know, I know, it's the very definition of 'cliche' for someone learning to rent , like I did tonight. But DAAAAMMN what a good movie, seriously. First-ever woman-directed film to get a Best Picture Oscar nomination!

calls the helpless invalids who would die without the aid of their helper "normals," then compares this to the act of marketing club soda to explain why sales were down last year.

Methinks that use being up among and down in the millions by their is perhaps not ENTIRELY unrelated nuggets of datum.

New will pull out the from the bottom of a page and lay it over the author's endless story about autumn mornings and their cast-iron skillet and how their kids love this dish.

has announced that, if elected , she will treat large internet companies as forced to break up, or face a fine of 5% their yearly revenue (so for , for example, 2 billion dollars).

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