"Independence Day" is a great historical reminder of that period when we were, "As long as it's cartoonishly large, America at this moment is ready for it, even though we may fall apart at something small and unexpected like using a box cutter to hijack an airplane over NYC"

it's announced on p18 of 's new novel that a famous hotel reviewer has never given a 5-star rating in his life, and you wonder if maybe, just MAYBE, the hotel our novel is set in just might possibly become that first 5-star review by the end of act three

Read my ★★★★ review of 's latest, the black-as-fuck sequel to and meditation on the endless failures of middle-age, . goodreads.com/review/show/4822

that go all the way back to , and weren't invented during the Industrial Age like I had assumed. The Egyptians even invented a hand tool called a "tree shaver" to do the work. veneering.net/history-of-wood-

Reading 's latest this weekend, the sequel , and as the kids say, it's giving me all the feels


Also, very glad to see that Supermodel University is still open in 2022 and turning out new doctors. We haven't heard much from them since 1990s Cinemax, so I'm happy the school is doing well!

The most unintentionally hilarious moment of is when it's revealed that the Black woman who's in jail for killing her daughter did so because she had to lock her in a hot car while she worked a shift at Walmart and couldn't find a babysitter (cue Woke violins)

I mean, of COURSE a Hollywood adaptation of a story has to slap on a Woke sermon and then a happy ending in the last ten minutes

If like me you've been laughing and rolling your eyes this week at the news of a outbreak, it's worth reading this article and learning about the horrific symptoms that come with it. Thankfully much easier to avoid than COVID! buzzfeed.com/mattford/i-have-m

that Israeli law prohibits anyone on the planet from immigrating to Israel unless they're Jewish, under any circumstances whatsoever. lifehacker.com/10-of-the-easie

Read my ★★★★★ review of (@askanyone)'s newest novel, the engaging and hilarious "anti-hipster" relationship comedy . goodreads.com/review/show/4815

Visit the world's oldest continually operating pharmacy, established by Florentine monks in 1612 and still to this day selling items like "graverobber vinegar." messynessychic.com/2022/06/29/

An entire $25 off my new laptop? HOLY FUCK, WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL, @HP!

Watching 's for the first time tonight since seeing it in the theater, and forgot what a hilarious, visionary, truly fucking disturbing movie this is youtube.com/watch?v=HAdbdUt_h9

A major new study is confirming what your New Agey friend has been telling you for years: except in the case of pregnant women, daily multivitamins are largely worthless, and the only reason they do big business is because the FDA doesn't regulate them. inverse.com/mind-body/suppleme

that Newt Gingrich writing the Contract With America and the Trumpists attempting a violent overthrow of the government occurred exactly 25 years apart.

The thing that really hit home for me this time, watching again in my fifties for the first time, is how the young and old versions of the protagonist both think the other one is a complete fucking piece of shit

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