That is hilarious.
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Reporter asks Chrisitan NBA coach about meeting the “Royal Family” — His Response Makes the room go SILENT

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I would like to move this forward to be canon as the original story for Bruno’s battle against YAML.

Any objection?
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I can't stop playing with this ... @brunoborges

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I tend to hate "gotcha" ambush-style reporting...but this is telling. :-|

It's only a draft PR, but support for @MicroProfileIO Telemetry in @WildFlyAS is nearing completion:

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Added to

👋🏼 Florian Habermann - @fhhabermann

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Source: #javabubble (
Botdev: @moelholm

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The #micrometerio team will be meeting in person next week for planning. Is there any feedback you would like to share with the team?

Trying out @intellijidea's new UI. I like how light and clean it is, but I fear years of muscle memory might be gearing up to fight back. :P

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This is a terrific video. Laughed out loud at the “fat dude with a mullet” line.

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I have forked the #mastodon4j project on #GitHub and migrated it to latest #Gradle plus latest library releases. Also migrated tests over to mockk. Let's see what else I can do. I use this library in my own project. Need to implement some of the v2 endpoints from the #Mastodon #API as well.

Not sure, if the current repo of #mastodon4j is still maintained. Also, all of the other forks look pretty outdated.

#Java #Kotlin

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A Mastodon feature that I really like is muting with a timer. If someone is posting a lot from a conference that I'm less interested in, I can mute them for three days.

Fortunate enough to have 2 international trips coming up and trying to figure out phones. Looks like it will be cheaper to switch to @Tmobile than pay for day passes/"passports" on my current carrier. AND my monthly rates will also be less, so savings all 'round. I like this.

This should be interesting reading.
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The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …

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Conference: Get your proposal in!
Me: Hmm. What am I working on that people will want to hear about?
Me: Ooh! I have it.
Conference: Sorry. CfP is closed.

At least now I'll have something read for next the one. :P

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OU 2022:

4 loses by 7 pts or less. (3 of them by 3 pts)

OU 2021:

6 wins by 7 points or less (1 win by 3).

We were already flirting w/ a thin line, then we lost 8 starters on D, 44% of our roster/best QB in football. Small margins exacerbated by these losses.

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