So.. Mastodon has completely turned japanese?

I wish I could speak and read Japanese. Like,if only I had the time and money, i really would. That way I could watch my favorite anime series without subtitles :D

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I see a lot of Japanese. I wish I could understand it.

Has the hype of Mastodon just reached Japan?

So far, I am still living in a single instance. How many instances do you have an account for so far?

Don't get me wrong, though.
I just happen to be more interested to observe things like: how would the brands utilize this platform? how would this platform change the way people interact to each other? I've heard someone said that Mastodon gives a charming underground feel to its users. It's fascinating.

Most people talk about Mastodon from the tech side (server, codes, etc).

I beg to differ.

Trying to find fellow marketers / marketing students here -- anyone?

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Need an Indy sci-fi film to watch tonight. Any ideas?
Small budget big ideas, great performances, makes you think kind of film! Boost to help me gather suggestions?

I hope I won't find any cheesy quotes like the ones I find every day on Twitter.

There are times when you are just ashamed of other people's behaviour. Like when I see my fellow Indonesians show their stupidity on a new social media platform that I think would be free of their kind.

Why did I have to find an Indonesian who is ignorant dan potentially doing harrassment towards women on Mastodon?
Very disappointing.

Will I get bored of this platform? We'll see.

On additional note, I seriously think those green checks people have on their Mastodon name is a pretty good way of mocking Twitter and other social media with verified checks.

Nobody deserves more validation than the others.

So there are actual people who go on Mastodon just to claim the 'celeb' status because they aren't on Twitter?

So much for fame.

I hope Mastodon gets more like the shortened version of Quora rather than Tumblr, but with a more humorous side.
My preferences.

I might sound like I overanalyse things here. I guess I just love observing how human beings are on digital platforms.

My take on Mastodon's boost and favorite.

Boost:" I absolutely agree with you so everyone needs to see this as well."
In short - " I AGREE! Everyone read this!"

Favorite: You have a smart / humorous / agreeable answer or toots so I would like to appreciate that.
In short- "I KNOW RIGHT"

Interested to know how you perceive these two features. I'll give you a :cookie:

The other stuff I just realised on Mastodon: much more men than women here it seems. Is it because there are many devs here and most dev people are men?
I have seen some women devs tho. Go

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Today's wonder: how do you decide to follow people on Mastodon?

Realising how I do not know anyone here IRL (or perhaps I haven't met one) I follow people who have either: friendly and helpful attitude | good humour | interesting profile | no potential to be a jerk

How about you?

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