Remember when you vote today: unless you vote you are committing

If you agree, please don't follow me.

Are you voting in this election?

Just playing around live, jamming to a drum track while some birds hop around on their roosts. Be sure to enjoy the tuning at the beginning ~jg

Unfortunately, Sad Duck decided she couldn't face this world without her love, Toothless, and nothing we could do could convince her otherwise. She flapped her wings and flew off into her own sky, the winds Pekin wings can never soar in this life. Good bye, Sad Duck. We hope you find your Love in the great beyond.

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It's All The President's Men
All Over The Fuck Again
You'd think we'd learn
Our future burns
Just a fucking game
To men fat & happy
Twisting the knife
False honor in might
Who'd trample the weak
Destroy the unique
Exploiters & liars exposed
Worse may come next
Who the fuck knows.

Say hi to . She lost the love of her short life when her drake was killed, and has been so sad ever since. (She's actually looking pretty happy in this shot because she's finally on the mend).

Today's Blog Post:
Thinking About Thinking

I would never want to tell you what to think, any more than try to tell you what to do. What to eat. What to buy. Who to Fuck. These are your decisions, not mine. You don’t even have to think at all, for fuck’s sake...

Wrote this the other day...
Rationality | by Jamie Gray

"If you look at American politics right now, you don’t see much of it. No, you mostly see two heavily armed camps, ready to flirt with disaster, risking all of our futures to achieve some set of higher principles that, if left to the other party, mean nothing short of destruction of everything we hold dear..."

Problems Solved. Available for hire.
|Jamie Gray on

..."Because God forbid we take one unnecessary fucking penny of profits from our corporate overlords. The economy will come crashing down and everyone will lose their jobs, if Amazon stock doesn’t continue to rise."...

Presidents have no right to control investigations or commit crimes. Americans must see Mueller's report to judge his work and Trump's deeds.

Don't cover up Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation. We need to know everything he finds.

The 2019 Pitchfork Music Festival lineup includes headliners HAIM, The Isley Brothers and Robyn.

Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago Announces 2019 Lineup

A little-known Justice Department regulation requires that a supplemental report be presented alongside special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings — and the attorney general will have to give it to Congress. Politico reported Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr will have to submit a report on all the times DOJ supervisors told Mueller “no” during the course of his investigation. “No matter what the memo says, it’s expected to be one of the few items on a …

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