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I'm looking for libraries, archives and museums that offer IIIF endpoints (and possibly some kind of API to programmatically find the manifest URLs). The manifests will be added to this repository: @museum

Hey, US folks newly running Mastodon instances: do Future You a *huge* favor, mitigate your potential liability, and register with the copyright office and designate an agent to receive DMCA reports *right now*.


I don’t understand why people think Mastodon is difficult. It seems pretty straightforward, and the separate servers are no biggie. I’m enjoying this fresh start here, like moving to a new apartment!

so obviously i'm sad twitter died, mainly because i got a lot of my indexing jobs that way, so if you need to have a book indexed, hire me! (please reblog this academics)

It is profoundly intellectually lazy and offensive to the soul to think that the sum total of human expression could ever be mediated by any single entity.

I built the foundations of Twitter with my bare hands and watched in awe and sadness as it grew into a cynical temple of ego.

I delight in its destruction. We're better off here.

This is one of my favourite wildlife photos that I've taken so far. It's a young crow from spring 2021. The crow was quite content to sit on a branch and observe their surroundings while I photographed them.

#WildlifePhotography #photography #crow #nature #wildlife #BirdPhotography

@sampottspotts try metatext if you’re looking for an app. Much better than the official one.


If you voted in Colorado’s third district, Adam Frisch vs Lauren Boebert, and your ballot was rejected you have a week to fix it.

In 2020, 21,838 ballots were rejected for signature verification.


@ryancordell has been shaped by the participation of (and the book about it co-authored by) graduate student collaborators over years of development.

Dr. Sonya Donaldson from Colby at leads us off for the afternoon, inviting us to think not only about the history (of and more generally) but also the future, shoutout to @elotroalex, @literature_geek @walshbr and others at Scholars' Lab

@ryancordell: "What would you differently if you were trying to found a center in 2022?" @nowviskie "defining community in the broadest possible way"

Gratitude, exuberance, careers, enthusiasm, collaboration, humor, community, diversity, inclusion, libraries, archives, giving back are clear themes emerging from the first panel at

Mentioned so far on this panel (at ): MITH, Scholars' Lab, IATH, CDRH at Nebraska (AKA "Virginia West"), Rossetti Archive, Whitman Archive.

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