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Hi Folks! 👋 born and raised in Boston, software and web developer for over 20 years, now focused on the . Most concerned about and . Genuinely excited to participate in . 🌊

Twitter is public infrastructure, used by first responder and disaster relief organisations, UN, NATO, national governments and cities.
Google, Amazon & Meta resort to it when they go down. It is the backbone. The situation we’re now in with Musk is a grave regulatory failure.

Looking to add a bunch of people from one of the disciplinary spreadsheets floating around? You can import them all at once.
1. Grab the mastodon handle column and drop it in a new spreadsheet. Give it the title "Account address".
2. Add a column called "Show boosts" and put TRUE for each row.
3. Save it as a CSV.
4. Head over to Edit profile > Import and export > Import, and upload the CSV as a following list.
5. Do that again periodically as the list keeps growing.

In line with the value we place on #accessibility , and the reason we encourage people to use image descriptions -

When you're writing hashtags that are a combination of several words, please use camel case (LikeThis instead of likethis) - camel case helps screenreaders read the tag as two separate words, rather than trying to read the hashtag as one word.


Hello, je viens d’apprendre que je vais enfin pouvoir déménager. J’ai un service à vous demander:

Je suis sur Toulouse, le déménagement se fait d’un quartier à l’autre. Je n’ai pas de voiture. J’aurais besoin qu’une personne accepte de conduire dans sa voiture mes affaires d’un appartement à l’autre vers la mi-novembre. J’ai juste 1 meuble de taille modeste, des habits, du linge de lit et des livres.

Si jamais vous vous sentez d’être cette personne, contactez-moi en DM. Sinon, ça serait très chouette de booster ce post :blobkoala_heartcute:

Merci de m’avoir lue :blobfoxheart:

#tip: if you post in multiple #languages (as I may), you can specify the language you use, so that those of your followers who have language filters only see posts in languages of their choice!

#feditips #twitterMigration #scienceMastodon

Vous êtes perdues sur Mastodon ? On est plusieurs tuteurs volontaires, contactez-nous et posez vos questions !

Have you packed your bags and relocated here from Twitter? You might be interested in reading this paper about what happens when communities migrate across platforms. :) #twittermigration

6 hours and already 60 #DigitalHumanities people have added themselves to the list! 🥳 It's great to find you all again. Keep it coming:

Here's my blog entry about moving from Twitter to Mastodon

It has a couple of salty notes in that people might enjoy, plus first impressions and some thoughts on stuff I plan to do with the Mastodon API

Hey new people and those thinking of joining, you do NOT need to sign up on huge servers!

You can follow and interact with people on any server from any server, the servers are connected.

It would really, really help the network right now if you could sign up on medium or small size servers. You will still be able to follow and interact with whoever you want, and the network as a whole will work much better.

A good safe place for beginners to find servers to join is

Figured out a recipe to suck all of the timeline data out of my personal Mastodon instance and load it into a SQLite database so I can poke around with it in Datasette, using my sqlite-utils and paginate-json CLI tools

Wrote that up here as a TIL:

Waah its so unfair to be an incompetent billionaire making horrible decisions and ruining many people's lives. Those activists are so unfair making me loose revenue. Waah.

First news organization to stand up its federated Mastodon server with a trustable domain (e.g. and accounts for its staff for people to follow gets a prize.

Also, proposal for a standardized domain for news orgs, e.g.,, and/or autodiscovery of a mastodon server for a parent domain e.g. a socialnetworks.txt

New to Mastodon but missing Tweetdeck? Click on Preferences, then check "Enable advanced web interface." Save and voila: Tweetdeck-like column interface. To add a new column, search on a hashtag (remember that in Mastodon, hashtags work much better than simple keywords), click on the settings icon on the top right of the results column, then Pin.

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