Dr. Sonya Donaldson from Colby at leads us off for the afternoon, inviting us to think not only about the history (of and more generally) but also the future, singingthenation.com/ shoutout to @elotroalex, @literature_geek @walshbr and others at Scholars' Lab

@ryancordell: "What would you differently if you were trying to found a center in 2022?" @nowviskie "defining community in the broadest possible way"

Gratitude, exuberance, careers, enthusiasm, collaboration, humor, community, diversity, inclusion, libraries, archives, giving back are clear themes emerging from the first panel at

Mentioned so far on this panel (at ): MITH mith.umd.edu/, Scholars' Lab scholarslab.lib.virginia.edu/, IATH iath.virginia.edu/, CDRH at Nebraska cdrh.unl.edu/ (AKA "Virginia West"), Rossetti Archive, Whitman Archive.

@nowviskie on the early days of Scholars' Lab at : an ethos of creating tools *with* people, rather than *for* them.

Martha Nell Smith: "there can be no excellence without diversity"

Not finding handles for all panelists, in the list compiled by @quinnanya (docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d) but they're great so far: David Seaman (Syracuse), Mike Furlough (HathiTrust), Martha Neil Smith (University of Maryland), Ken Price (Nebraska), and Will Thomas (Nebraska). I guess they're in the agenda too, but... .

now underway with a panel on "Digital Humanities Centers and Institutes at UVA and Beyond" incl. @nowviskie and others whose handles I will add if I can find them!

Hi Folks! 👋 born and raised in Boston, software and web developer for over 20 years, now focused on the . Most concerned about and . Genuinely excited to participate in . 🌊


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