Trying out the Colemak keyboard layout. Seems neat but wow has my mental workload while typing increased! 😮

@TheAdmin Two things:

1) Are you planning on updating to the latest Mastodon?

2) @MastodonCloudBot's bio says "Cloubot" not "Cloudbot" at one point

Oh hey, this is a much better having the columns grow to the window size!

Great words to live by when dealing with strangers: Trust, but verify.

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If you'd like to set up your own Mastodon instance, I created a basic guide. It runs you through Let's Encrypt and nginx settings so you'll have A+ SSL and IPv6 too (for

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If all the Japanese folk on the timeline bother you, think how they must feel

Discussion/Thoughts on...?

1) The term for mastodon users.
Mastodoners? Mastodoneers? Tooters? Tuskies?

2) The term 'herd' instead of 'instance'?

@TheAdmin What's the policy on inactive accounts on this instance?

I assume after the recent surge of newcomers some will stop using it possibly taking up usernames people would like to have themselves.

What kind of servers are people running on? Wondering how much a Digital Ocean Droplet would cost to run.

Tags for visibility

@TheAdmin Typo report. says "Server ressources" when it should say "Server resources"

@TheKinrar Feature Request for A second field to add rules/why makes that herd/instance a place to join

So the idea with the Federation is there can be many communities with their own rules/main topics right?

If I'm interested in many things, let's say Red and Purple. Do I join both the Red and Purple mastodon instances (ie 2 accounts now)? Or do I join one and then use the federated timeline to see the other?

I've seen some great write-ups to explain Mastodon but this info would be useful for any non-technical person.

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actually why are Mastodon instances not called herds

Just published a blog post on a handy script I wrote to help create fairly safe/easy to use SSH keys.

Feedback appreciated!

Wish there was a way to change usernames (Have wrong name on oh well.

Federation and spreading out users a lot is going to be a hurdle for people I think, hope we can all get used to the idea of how it works.

Hello World!

Hope that mastodon can be a place for friendly conversation and getting some news.

Generalistic and moderated instance.