I love the opening to the latest Daily podcast today - a great example of getting the excitement of a newsroom into a podcast. podnews.net/podcast/1200361736

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Today: fancy a quicky, mate? Australia has a new daily news podcast. Wondery smashes its records with Over My Dead Body. And don't use the E word. podnews.net/update/quicky-aust

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Google Podcasts reckons @RadioToday@twitter.com podcast listeners also are big fans of @mrjamesob@twitter.com ...

Indeed. "Play LBC UK" is the proper invocation.

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@JamesCridland@twitter.com @Paul__Buckle@twitter.com TOTH on LBC has the line "play LBC" suggesting if you say that to your smart speaker you'll hear the station live. On Google Home devices that results in a recording of the news headlines.

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UK newspaper sales. The best-performing has “only” seen sales decrease by 7% year-on-year.

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The latest print sales figures for national daily newspapers, as audited by ABC, for the month of January compared to january last year. NB: These are headline totals (ie, bulks, where used now or a year ago, are omitted).

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Quite pleased about the (much) better podcast player on the @podnews@twitter.com podcast pages. (Would love the download button to properly work though) podnews.net/podcast/1451470931

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Today: Pandora's public podcast plans; Anchor's apparent acquisition amount; iHeartRadio's introductory intuition interface; and more. podnews.net/update/pandora-pla

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Radio Driver is from Poland, and is an online radio station *just* for Polish-speaking truck drivers. What a great, niche, idea. radiodriver.pl/

Brisbane folk - I'm wanting some compliments slips for sending things in the post, and would like to use some postcards of Brisbane (or Queensland). Any idea where I can get x100 or x200 cheap ones? /@wearebrisbane

My only regret after that @EBU_Tech@twitter.com panel was not berating broadcasters for their poor LUFS levels on their podcasts. So I'll do so here. -16 LUFS, everybody. No excuses.

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@JamesCridland@twitter.com live on stage @EBU_Tech@twitter.com talking about podcast

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Those that voted for Brexit really don't like it if you call them stupid. But...

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This BBC profile of concerned Brexit-voting Brits in Spain is a classic of the genre

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Today: Root of Evil launches - we've an exclusive Q&A with Turner's Tyler Moody. Plus, we've discovered the real Netflix of podcasting. podnews.net/update/root-of-evi

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Enjoyable day learning at the Digital Radio Summit @EBU_HQ@twitter.com, sitting at the back*. Looking forward to my panel with @david_mis_ebu@twitter.com later.

* when I was last there

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Lots on Bauer buying Lincs, Celador & Wireless Local in new @RadioToday@twitter.com Programme - we get @simoradio@twitter.com's views plus @roymartin@twitter.com joins me to dissect the news! @JamesCridland@twitter.com looks at why other sectors love radio people & @DavidLloydRADIO@twitter.com's audioboom.com/posts/7172982-ba

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Into "radio's multiplatform future"? There's an @EBU_HQ@twitter.com @EBU_Tech@twitter.com event today, the Digital Radio Summit in Geneva. Watch along at home: here's a live stream. youtube.com/watch?v=3J2SpCj6xK

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