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Today: Audioburst comes to Android Auto and Bixby; Wondery plans to translate Dirty John; the Washington Post to launch a podcast in Spanish; and acoustic treatment for your home studio podnews.net/update/audioburst-

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is just as frustrating as @bbcquestiontime@twitter.com - idiotic think-tank @nickcater@twitter.com who knows nothing about anything, given valuable airtime to guff on about Brexit. @campbellclaret@twitter.com a voice of reason. And the mental health segment (where Cater shut up, thankfully) was excellent.

Had a little too much fun making the @podnews@twitter.com podcast today. Special effects in audio (which nearly broke my special Alexa feed) and some Dragon's Den fun. podnews.net/listen

Odd. Turned on Q&A (the ABC's Question Time) and who should be on but @campbellclaret@twitter.com which is nice. Trying to work out how jetlagged he is.

Interesting concept but 200 consultants will be here in a minute telling you that this is a bad idea and will never work.

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Column: Remembering sports radio's freewheeling Jim Healy, who never let listeners get bored. latimes.com/sports/story/2019-

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Today: @SquadCastFM@twitter.com v2 goes live; @webby2001@twitter.com knows what will kill podcasting; @Mamamia@twitter.com launches another daily podcast; and Shark Tank's names across the globe for some reason podnews.net/update/39-percent

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Today: New research: 39% of global internet users listen to podcasts every month. Also new research: 8.1% of Australians listen to podcasts every month. They can't both be right... podnews.net/update/39-percent

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Hey @MailOnline@twitter.com can you take my photograph off your site please? I expressly told your journalist you do not have permission to use it. It is currently on your homepage and embedded in the article credited to "Twitter". Please remove it. You do not have permission to use it.

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We've launched a sister station to @funkids@twitter.com for pre-schoolers, with songs to sing and dance to during the day and lullabies all night. twitter.com/funkids/status/115

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This unique podcoaster could be yours - just use the unique link at the bottom of your newsletter to find us new subscribers. In your next newsletter, find out how you're doing...

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@Podnews@twitter.com @getSendy@twitter.com Done, innit. Yay!

Congratulations, whoever you are with referrer code 42466.


Companies that require a Supplier Application Form filling out to pay a simple, under-$1,000 invoice can get in the sea

Today - probably going to write a feature for @Podnews@twitter.com readers so that they can see how many people they've got to sign up with their special link. Possibly a ranker, too, but not sure how to do that while retaining privacy. Fun extending @getSendy@twitter.com with this.

Have just discovered Storage Wars (watching the Canadian edition). Very clever programme, well written, cleverly edited. I appreciate I'm eight years late, mind you.

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If you haven't seen it, The Dish is a great movie about Australia's role in televising the first moon landing. twitter.com/JamesCridland/stat

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Space. Just learnt on @abcnews@twitter.com that Australia was the downlink for the satellite tv pictures from the moon, so Australians saw the pictures on Aussie TV before anyone else in the world did.

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Today: Acast doubles revenue year-on-year; Spotify solicits Spanish shows; jammin' @mattystaudt@twitter.com leaves iHeartMedia; Patreon raises $60m; podcast jobs in NYC and London podnews.net/update/acast-reven

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So, is it safe to enable a My Health Record account yet, Australians? Help a pom out.

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@JamesCridland@twitter.com offers some intriguing thoughts that go beyond who's right or wrong in the @BBC@twitter.com & @Google@twitter.com spat over podcasts. medium.com/@JamesCridland/how-

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...I discover that, of course, Victoria Derbyshire still gets her own graphics. *sigh*

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