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If you like a post on #Mastodon, feel free to click the star. Ignore anyone who says it's useless because there is no algorithm.

If you want more people to see the post, boost it as well, but don't assume that telling someone you enjoy what they posted is unimportant.

Real life has no #algorithm. I don't compliment someone by saying "excellent job," "well said," or "I love that" to please them. I do it because they deserve it.

This is the essence of being social.

@Caledonia @moflomojo
Time will tell. We just have to stay positive and keep making the case that (1) Scotland has everything needed to be successful outwith the UK, and (2) the opportunity to remake government's relationship to society is too big to pass up. Some minds can't be changed, but you never know who will have a change of heart.

Good morning! A post just rolled across my fedi-timeline saying not to post about politics on Mastodon, so I'm here to remind you that:

1 "politics" refers to decision-making about how to live together in groups
2 choosing to not participate in political discussion is saying you support the status quo, and is a political stance
3 abstaining from politics because you feel safe from its impacts is a privilege and a choice to abandon your more vulnerable neighbours

I'm looking to find my wife's cousin in Edinburgh, George Outerson, last address known in Corstorphine. They lost contact few years back. Grateful if someone can help.

Are you ready for Scotland's winter hills?

Our winter safety information is now up as a warning message at the top of all our hillwalks - a little later than in previous years.

For your first day on Mastodon, just a few humbly suggested steps! Welcome to the party!

1) Consider if you're on the server for you, your hobbies, and your moderation desires. You can always migrate your account, later.

2) Make a profile! These can be longer than Twitter ones - and you can format them with line breaks, italics (using asterix), and loads of emoji. Check the emoji on your server, here!

3) If you liked who you followed on Twitter, use and/or to create a csv of all the people you followed there to upload into Mastodon, using the web menu option Preferences > Import. Now you are following the same folks!

4) Using, you can also export your Twitter blocklist, and import it using the same function in Mastodon.

5) Create an introduction post! Use lots of hashtags to help people find you and your interests, as there's no algorithm or string search function here. Make sure to add the hashtag introduction!

6) Get used to using hashtags in your posts regularly, so that people can find them manually or using the hashtag following function, or the rss feed function.

7) Use CWs liberally, to help people decide what to see. Follow your server's guidelines, but definitely CW those movie spoilers!

8) Use alt text in your images whenever possible, to help people with screen readers enjoy it here, too!

9) Enjoy your new community, and have a lot of fun!

#MastodonTips #MastodonNewbie

@james_tweedie @reido Indeed, although reminders are helpful until people get into the habit. But it is, as you say, new arrivals who have brought their Twitter habits with them who need to be told about it.

While following a lot of people can populate your Home feed significantly, sometimes people (like me) end up boosting a lot and that can unexpectedly hinder your own experience.

So if you like someone's specific posts and don't want to follow their boosts, you can go to their profile under the [...] button, and select the "Hide boosts from account" button.

There is no algorithm on Mastodon. You have ownership and control over every filtering decision instead of some robot.


Another of southern Scotland's #broch remains, Edin's Hall near Abbey Saint Bathans in the #ScottishBorders = the sheer scale of this one is astonishing! The name may once have been 'Woden's Hall' according to local legend.

Good morning all.
Well, my gripe about the number of posts without image descriptions got a fantastic response. I think had more replies to that single post than I had in years of complaining on Twitter.
Thanks to everyone for their replies, & I apologise if I missed your comment. It’s been a busy morning, and there’s another day of footie coming up, so I need to get a move on.
Thanks again to everyone for their support & consideration.

My rescue pup spent the first 6 months of her life on her own in a shed, then the next year at an SSPCA shelter. When I adopted her, she had no experience of the outside world so was terrified to step out the front door. Now, she’s happy to come hiking with me. Sometimes, though, when we come across a view, she stops and sits for a few minutes to absorb her surroundings before we can move on again. Here, she’s taking in the view above Achnashellach in Torridon.

#DogsOfMastodon #AdoptDontShop

@AuntieSyzygy Have you come across the Lists in Mastodon?
They help ensure that you get all posts /boosts from people you follow.

What simple things mean the world to you?

My latest spot of bloggage is a simple wee post about the simple joy of finding time for the simple things. 

#Blogulence #Blog #Simplicity #Bloggage

@james_tweedie No worries. I've just shown my partner, who works in GIS. So it's now affecting his productivity too! It's a really neat map.

Over the last days I've come across several #trolls here.

Today an admin has come under attack, to a point where he's contemplating shutting his server down.

Don't let the #haters from the #Twitter #cesspool get away with it here.

#Block and #report the shit of of it when you encounter any of these accounts.

Photos by James Duncan….beautiful Mandarin duck snapped on the local river Leven.

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
It is also the first day of 16 Days of Activism, an annual international campaign drawing attention to the ongoing fight to end violence against women and girls.

@ansolasoir Lovely photo Michael. Visually impaired users find it really useful if you include alt text descriptions on your photos. You'll also get more boosts!

If you want to visit this incredible place, here’s a good walk description—plenty of wildlife along the way too on the machair and beaches:

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