During our Hillwalking Club Christmas walk near today we came across many bits of in the beechwoods - especially on .
I have only seen it a couple of times before.

Here's some details about it...

View over our afternoon field from two days ago. Low mist in the field and trees....

Here's a photo to remind us what a dry, bright, sunny day in the hills looks like on this day in South , .

Anyone else remember Don McLean's "Haary Haary night" written after a tour of NE ?

Squadron of geese highlighted in the low morning sun against the grey sky

For a few moments this morning the sun lit up the fields in green and gold with the grey contrasting clouds over the Sidlaws.

There are occasions that the light at this time of year make up for all the dreich, claggy, damp days. This is woods on this mornings dog walk. I just love the intensity of the colours.

Scottish Mountain hares to get protected species status.
All in Scottish Parliament voted for this apart from the Conservative and unionist party members. Now there's a surprise...

A rather "grainy" over the just now. Clear frosty start to the day. Wonderful!

Sunny West on this Christmas day.
Happy Christmas, one and all.

(featuring Auchterhouse Hill and Craigowl of the )

Just love . Two speeds: superfast and stationary.
Ours sporting a "mohican" in the second mode:


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