#DontFeedTheTrolls: But let's face it, sometimes it's too difficult to resist picking the low hanging fruit.



They'll start to set up accounts.on Mastodon soon. May be an idea for everyone to lock accounts so that followers need to be approved by the account holder. Slows things down a bit but should help protect from the orcs.

@james_tweedie @Jeggit mute or block and move on. Don't give them air. Vacuum? They don't know what a fucking vacuum is. Starve them.

@AndrewWatson @Jeggit
I also hope they won't understand how Mastodon works. It's a totally different environment and I think they'll find themselves being banned a lot (at least when they first come in)

@AndrewWatson @james_tweedie @Jeggit So far, I've managed to find out I joined here because I was told to by @Jeggit and am part of a cult. Great what you learn on the internet, isn't it? 😂 😂

@MandyGandhiMandibles @AndrewWatson @Jeggit
I'm guessing that's on the old twitter. I saw a few of those....
I joined Mastodon in summer this year. It's potential is quite amazing - if it's used in the right way. I suspect a lot of those criticising don't actually understand the power of a distributed multi instance network that has no commercial aim and has no central control. It's also another tool in the
media box. I'm not abandoning twitter - both serve a purpose.

@james_tweedie @MandyGandhiMandibles @Jeggit
spot on James. I remain on Twitter and pop in to have a look every so often.

@MandyGandhiMandibles @james_tweedie @Jeggit I've often been told I'm a big cult. Could be my hearing though.

Merry Christmas all.

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