The United Nations has today launched the 'United in Science' report on #climatechange, published on the website of the World Meteorological Organization

We've created an infographic which shows climate change in five images (at

Estonia top of the (digital) class After the summer holidays, schools across #Europe have been fretting about if and when they will have to switch back to digital distance learning—but not in Estonia. Karola Klatt Last autumn, Estonia’s minister of... #EU

‘Reeks of propaganda’: BBC denounced after portraying UK finance minister as SUPERHERO on mission to ‘SAVE the economy’ (VIDEO)

Lanark's article, from the 'Gazetteer of Scotland' (1847), was far more interesting than I thought it'd be. Thanks goes to @BiscuitErsed's suggestion on Twitter. Well worth the read ☺️

Keep the suggestions coming - getting them uploaded fairly quickly 😁

An attempt was made yesterday to scam me into buying iTunes gift cards by someone pretending to be a relative. I think it might be helpful for folks to see and read how they operate, so I'm pasting the full conversation here:

This scam involved hacking a primary Email account, sending an Email with a cunningly disguised reply-to (an "o" changed to a "0" in the address), and then pretending to be in distress.

And remember, if someone you know needs money, call them.

Today's Covid-19 data presented by Travelling Tabby for Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

This Guardian column by #CaroleCadwalladr describes how #Facebook (and #Instagram, #WhatsApp) are the poison that is destroying democracy.

Yet there is a vaccine - and an antidote. And if you're already on #Mastodon, you're part of the solution.

If you're not already on #pixelfed and the other 'safe' versions, use the amazing resource provided by @switchingsoftware

Full power to everyone who is part of the solution!

One of the titans of #Brexit analysis, #ProfessorChrisGrey, has published his latest analysis.

There's no hope here, just a razor-sharp puncturing of the fantasist approach to 'soverignty' which will result in a greatly diminished UK.


“If we do not decide our course as a nation now, Westminster will decide that course for us. The answer lies, as it always has, with Scotland and the Scottish people. Let us take our own fate in our own hands and act while we still can. Because if we do not act soon, we may not get the chance again.” #WingsOverScotland

The fabulous Joanna Cherry; “The question for the independence movement and for the SNP is whether, with this level of disrespect for Scottish democracy, we can be sure that a second independence referendum will be guaranteed simply by the SNP winning yet another election.”

Fabulous from Craig Murray 🎧

“A referendum is not a condition for becoming an independent state. It may be a political condition, but it is certainly not a legal condition.”

He continued: “There are other ways ... and nothing makes me more exasperated than to hear the 2014 referendum referred to as a gold standard.”

"Chancellor Angela Merkel presented Germany's priorities for its six-month term at the helm of the EU presidency on Wednesday, urging swift action to shore up economies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic while underscoring that the crisis had exposed the limits of "fact-denying populism".

“The general election of 2019 did little to help matters. More than anything this election was a very English election (and nothing like a very British coup).

More than anything Johnson gambled on gaining English seats at the expense of Scottish seats and was able to abandon the party’s reliance on the Democratic Unionist Party. The circle is complete. This is now a UK government that governs only in the interests of England.”

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