Brexit added nearly £6bn to UK food bills in two years, research finds.
Cost of food imported from EU rose because of extra red tape, with poorest most affected.

Common Dolphin.

In addition to looking for the eagles, the Mull Charters trips also seek out other wildlife, and dolphins are always a favourite.

The last two years have been fantastic for sightings. Sometimes the pods had hundreds of dolphins in them, other times, just a dozen or so, but always special to see.

On this occasion, the water was really calm and flat, allowing us to see them breaching from quite a distance. It was wonderful.

#dolphin #cetacean #Mull #WildlifePhotography

View over our afternoon field from two days ago. Low mist in the field and trees....

@james_tweedie With the rapidly-extended capability of transmitting to the entire British empire. "This is London."

Radio coverage of most of the UK within 2 years of Irish independence.

The ability to create a common "" using broadcasting.

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With celebrating it's 100th year it is worth reflecting on this:
6 Dec 1921: - Treaty signed. Approved Dáil Éireann 7 Jan 1922.
18th Oct 1922: BRITISH Broadcasting Company is formed.
14th Nov 1922 - first broadcast from London.
(1922) Birmingham; Manchester; Newcastle.

(1923) Cardiff; Glasgow; Aberdeen; Bournemouth; Sheffield.
(1924) Plymouth; Edinburgh; Liverpool; Leeds; Bradford; Kingston upon Hull; Belfast; Nottingham; Stoke-on-Trent; Dundee; Swansea.

Believe in Scotland is now on Mastodon

Many of our members thought it would be a good idea for Believe in Scotland to have a presence and put content out on Mastodon.

So, it's here help us build our presence by giving us a follow and share!

You can also use the #BelieveinScotland hashtag on Mastodon too.

Scotland will be designating a new national park by 2026. However, when it comes to protecting and restoring nature, our national parks are, in many ways, notional parks. We need our national parks to be bold and ambitious when it comes to halting the loss of nature.

#Rewilding #NatureRestoration #NationalParks #Nature #Scotland #Biodiversity

Meanwhile at a bus stop in Ireland ...

Währenddessen an einer Bushaltestelle in Irland ...

@james_tweedie Hi James. Appreciate the interest but I think you miss the point.
Mr Browne, RIP was neither born nor died on this day. Mr Newman has a birthday.

Latest reports say GB businesses rate Brexshit as the largest obstacle to trade. We decided to move operations out of GB, after nearly 30 years, to the EU/ ROI 🇮🇪 because of Britain's loss of single market access. In hindsight we should have moved earlier.
A new obstacle is emerging for GB business, many firms like mine have written Britain out of our future plans as if it had vanished from the map. If more investors, academics & business people lose sight of GB, it's decline can only accelerate.
UK govt has made the country irrelevant in a way I wouldn't have believed possible 5 years ago. NI has an escape mechanism in the NIP but Britain is trapped by government dogma. How much more damage will they do before this madness ends?
#Brexit #UKTrade #UKEU #EU #TCA #NIprotocol

The path to bringing you a great email experience on Android devices begins with K-9 Mail, which joined the Thunderbird family earlier this summer.

As we work towards a modern redesign of desktop Thunderbird, we’re also working to improving K-9 Mail as it begins its transition to Thunderbird mobile in Summer 2023.

Read more about today's new release of K-9 Mail on the Thunderbird blog:

#Android #Thunderbird #K9Mail #Email #FOSS #OpenSource

A view from the west of the lovely harbour at Crail, the most easterly of the line of settlements along the south side of the East Neuk of Fife. It has an ancient history, being well settled by the 800s and thriving by the 1100s. More pics and info:

#Scotland #Crail #EastNeuk #Fife #Harbour #UndiscoveredScotland

ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have always been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

The plan gives water companies until 2050 to fully get a grip on these discharges and fails to ensure that coastal waters will be properly safeguarded.

We believe that allowing this form of environmental vandalism to continue for decades to come is dangerous and unlawful.

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“For deep time is measured in units that humble the human instant: millennia, epochs and aeons, instead of minutes, months and years. Deep time is kept by rock, ice, stalactites, seabed sediments and the drift of tectonic plates. Seen in deep time, things come alive that seemed inert. New responsibilities declare themselves. Ice breathes. Rock has tides. Mountains rise and fall. We live on a restless Earth.”

― Robert Macfarlane, Underland: A Deep Time Journey

#DeepTime #RockyMountains #RobertMacfarlane

I swore I would share this astonishing rock face whenever I saw it on the bird site, so since I’ve migrated, I have to bring it here :)

The rock face was likely originally a #gneiss - a foliated #metamorphic rock where light minerals and dark minerals form in alternating bands due to high heat and pressure. This rock was further complexly folded and refolded during continental collisions and mountain building.

The rock face also has an unusual & beautiful texture caused by the more erodible bands partially eroding. Some have likened the texture to Damascus, metal forging technique.

All the details you are asking yourself are here:

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