We need to talk about the number of state GOPs — Arizona Hawaii Oregon Texas — pushing deranged conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists. This garbage got people killed and police beaten at the Capitol not even 3 weeks ago.


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Speaking to @jaketapper, Dominion's lawyer won't comment specifically on the odd fact-check Fox aired. But the lawyer said, "None of the retractions or apologies that have been put forward thus far are really sufficient to set the record straight. It's too little, too late."

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The @BuffaloBills season may be over but the shirt remains ready for action. As you know, I’m very proud of the team and my hometown. !

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This is insane garbage. People have been arrested and charged, in part because they were on video they shot themselves. I don't what's scarier: that these idiots believe this false flag crap or they don't and think it's important to lie.


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Asked about Chicago Teachers Union refusing to go back to teach in person, Biden says "I believe we should make school classrooms safe and secure" for students, teachers and staff, Biden says, calling for better ventilation and testing and the capacity to assess safety 1/

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3/ President Biden has yet to acknowledge the reality that some of these disputes are health officials saying schools should be re-opened and teachers unions saying no way, and the needle cannot be threaded.

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Leahy, not Roberts, expected to preside over impeachment trial as House to send article to Senate on Monday | ⁦@jeremyherb⁩ & ⁦@mkraju⁩ cnn.com/2021/01/25/politics/im

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Well, we sent out a statewide text message yesterday encouraging people to go to covidvax.maryland.gov to find a provider. Through that portal, you have a choice of pharmacies, hospitals and health systems, or your local health department,


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Brandon Straka, founder of the "Walk Away" campaign who describes himself as a "former liberal," charged in the Capitol insurrection: assets.documentcloud.org/docum

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'Worse Than We Could Have Imagined': Jen Psaki Passes the Buck to Trump Several Times as Reporters Quiz Her About Vaccine Supply mediaite.com/a/wwhsw

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