Prairie Artisan makes some of my favorite beers!l Seasick Crocodile is a PERFECT holiday beer!

Listening to the Severance soundtrack dumps me right back into the show. It’s so melancholy, tense, and disturbing.

Along with many others, I finally dumped Twitter. Though in truth, I haven’t been terribly active on any social media in a few years. I like the idea of Mastodon, but I don't have a large social media hole to fill. I need to spend some time finding interesting people to follow here!

*slaps roof of mastodon and starts crying*
This baby can fit too many new micromemes in it and I’m old and tired and confused

Hey, #Keybase users: If you'd like to see Mastodon support in Keybase (which is just *perfect* in a federated network to verify people) and have a GitHub account: make sure to voice your wish, +1ing this comment on the related issue. That might make it happen!

Hi! I’m Jake! Collector, avid reader, pogonotrophist, former tubist, ex philosophy student, IT Director at the Kansas City Art Institute.

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