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dead billionaire 


Somebody is hacking road signs in New Orleans in the best possible way...

به نظر حفظ روابط، سخت‌تر از شکافتن اتم و متر کردن کهکشان میاد.

The quite established reggae label Jet Star teamed up with the also quite established drum'n'bass label Hospital Records to work on a series of remixes, and they are very nice:

this is the most incredible thing I've seen all day, I am LOSING IT
i improved that mattress vid for y'all

Log Cabin Republicans board member quits over Trump endorsement 

Having fun at the funeral my family is being nice to me and calling me my name but don't be mean to me I'll cry


Owls discover and immediately get rid of a hidden camera which tracks their movements

اگه زن در اسلام جایگاهی داشت نیازی نبود اینهمه وقت و پول هزینه کنید با راهکار و برنامه‌های مختلف هرروزو هر لحظه به ما دیکته کنید که یه وقت یک وعده از شستشوی مغزیمون عقب نیفتیم! خودمون تو زندگی و جامعه این جایگاه رو احساس میکردیم همونطور که هرروز داریم میبینیم و حس میکنیم.

On a serious note now, I want circles/groups on pleroma already. So I can have groups for cuteposting and also for lewds without having to resort to a different account and have all that content separated only for people who wants to see it.
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