India 🇮🇳 COVID-19 current stats for Sat May 08 2021

Cases: 21,892,676
Deaths: 238,270
Recovered: 17,930,960
Active: 3,723,446
Tests: 300,410,043
Doses: 162,603,603

Donald Trump will remain suspended from Facebook and Instagram, the Facebook Oversight Board announced Wednesday


Utah 🏂 COVID-19 current stats for Mon May 03 2021

Cases: 398,012
Deaths: 2,204
Recovered: 387,585
Active: 8,223
Tests: 4,662,527
Doses: 2,167,913


On Land Day, we urge the international community to hold those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity accountable, and to undertake measures of BDS against the government of Israel until it complies with international law. #PalestineLandDay
#FreePalestine 🇵🇸

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