Mural on Lothian Road, Edinburgh, depicting Boris Johnson, Kim Jung-un & Donald Trump as babies.

The mural is "signed" by The Rebel Bear.

#art #MastoArt #politics #BoJo #Trump #Jung-un #Edinburgh

Love too have my account on twitter dot com locked for the hateful crime of suggesting a political party running the country into the ground deserves to meet with a guillotine

twitter got suspended again! dunno what I expected from a website made by a white supremacist, for white sumpremacists. So, done with that fucking shit. I'll be posting exclusively here now

SLC, LDS, mormons. 

I really like the ambiguity in the phrasing of "We're aware that @jack was compromised" that it could be either the account or the man.

تو قطارم به سمت تبریز، سه تا هم‌کوپه‌ای دارم که دوتاشون یکی استاد تاریخ و یکی علوم سیاسی هستن و سومی هم معلم زبان، دیگه چی بهتر ازین! چقدر اطلاعات و حس خوب! و چقدر خوش‌شانس بودم ایندفعه که هم‌کوپه‌ایام به جای شماره شناسنامه صحبت‌ها و حکایتای جالب نقل میکنن.

**Owner of Timberland and Vans will no longer buy Brazilian leather**

"The U.S. parent company of Timberland, Vans and Kipling will no longer buy Brazilian leather, it said on Thursday, as continuing forest fires in the Amazon raise questions about ecological stewardship in the world's large…"

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This man hated the poor, funded hate in America, was a racist, and has sent the globe hurtling towards ecological disaster.

And he didn’t even make it to 80.


Sources close to the family say David Koch has died.

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