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My dad (and most of his generation in my family) is a very staunch Zionist, the sort who tends to dismiss any criticism of Israel as antisemitism. Not so far gone that he can't see any validity in Palestinians' grievances, but far enough that he aggressively clings to the Israeli propaganda explainings-away of all the outrages. I mostly avoid talking to him about such things because it feels futile, but every now again I lean in instead because it must be faced.

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@ruitavares Olá Rui :) this image is a preview as part of our @greensefa poster series on Putin's war in Ukraine. We will have a HD version (in multiple languages) ready for you soon on our website. act.greens-efa.eu/ukraine

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"Aleggsa, schalte mein Arschloch auf blau"

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Utah 🏂 COVID-19 current stats for Thu May 05 2022

Cases: 932,253
Deaths: 4,747
Recovered: 922,993
Active: 4,513
Tests: 9,406,861
Doses: 5,212,178



38 French companies are still operating in Russia despite more than 2 months of Russian atrocities in #Ukraine, according to Yale listing.

Among them some of the biggest: Total, Danone, Vinci, Lactalis, Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Accor, Veolia, BlaBlaCar, Bic...

An observation from a newbie.

People here don't seem very keen on following back.

A bit odd, given that this site should be more driven by interactions, rather than on suggestive algorithms.

I am not sure Mastodon will become a viable alternative to the bird if this persists.

People will check out Mastodon, but due to the lack of interactions, seek other alternatives, or decide to stay with the bird despite its shortcomings.

Just saying...

#mstdn #follower #mastodon #followers

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