Today in 'a cat dive-bombed my artwork and now I have to iron it'

The cover page of the new issue, "Organic Compound", sci-fi battle action comic series. release on 24 Nov. at comitia-130 Tokyo.

Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy IX, doing some easy mode speedruns and getting good times, top 10 now :hanana: so was inspired to draw some cute featuring Garnet.

#FinalFantasyIX #garnet

An Arabic Calligraphic plaque on the Great Mosque of Xi'an, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Love too have my account on twitter dot com locked for the hateful crime of suggesting a political party running the country into the ground deserves to meet with a guillotine

twitter got suspended again! dunno what I expected from a website made by a white supremacist, for white sumpremacists. So, done with that fucking shit. I'll be posting exclusively here now

SLC, LDS, mormons. 

I really like the ambiguity in the phrasing of "We're aware that @jack was compromised" that it could be either the account or the man.
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