with the 20 minute delay imposed by the speed of light on the mars rover's communication it wouldnt be unreasonable to describe it's actions as "turned based"

@jackofallEves "Why are we not making any further movements?"

We're waiting for the martians to finish their turn.

@cccam as well as this, with each rover landing in a different location, each created through the forces of entropy, it wouldnt be unfair to describe the rover missions as "randomly generated dungeons"

@cccam what im getting at here is that the mars missions are a roguelike

@jackofallEves Do you think they played Dwarf Fortress while waiting for a response from the rover?

@cccam they're mathematicians and scientists, I'd be dissappointed if they didnt

@cccam @jackofallEves dwarf fortress is technically turn-based

it's either 1 turn per second or 1 turn per 72 seconds depending on game mode

@ben @cccam wouldnt that mean that any game is turn based, most games just clock in at 30-60 turns per second

@jackofallEves @cccam dwarf fortress runs at 100 frames per second for some very strange definition of second

@ben @cccam interesting... im guessing the seconds to seconds ratio is variable

@jackofallEves @cccam dwarf fortress lets you set an upper limit for its frame rate

@ben @cccam let me guess, if you set the framerate to 50fps the game still thinks 100 frams is a second?

@jackofallEves @cccam nope, the game defaults to 50 graphical and 100 simulation frames per second

in fortress mode, each frame is 72 in-world seconds. in adventure mode it's 1 frame to 1 second, but the game pauses after each action.

of course, on any long-lived fortress, dwarf fortress will become unable to finish all of its calculations within 10 milliseconds

here's a fortress that's been running for about three and a half hours:

@ben @cccam im guessing that that time shift gets worse as time goes on?

@jackofallEves @cccam graphical FPS tends to stay around what you set it to until simulation FPS drops below it

so it'll be at FPS: 50 (49) before it gets to a point where graphical FPS starts dropping (because of the way the renderer thread has to lock the simulation thread once per frame to get its data and doesn't really do much processing itself)

but basically as more stuff happens in the fortress, there's more for the game to think about on every simulation frame

@ben @cccam cccam you interested in this convo or would you like us to remove you?

@jackofallEves @ben Leave me in, it's fine. I enjoy the odities of game engine tickrates. The difference between "seconds" and """"seconds"""" in some games has always entertained me

@jackofallEves voyager 2 had problems earlier this month. 26 hour turns with minimal buffer.

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