why mastodon is the best site

facebook: you will be deleted for saying "im gay"

tumblr: horny is now illegal

twitter: hornt on main is bad, have a hornt alt

mastodon: hornt on main is valid self expression and is supported, but not at the expense of those who are not hornt and therefore we have content warnings as a default feature.

twitter: saying the f word at a liberal telling you you must have been abused by your father is illegal

@jackofallEves tbh separate horny accounts are good, otherwise you end up with an environment where minors aren't really allowed to follow anyone's account, and like, kids deserve a better social media environment too

@jackofallEves I think this is the perfect thread to promote the use of the word "hornible". Treat it with care.

@jackofallEves My partners are really hornible today

my timeline is really hornible today

my gender is really hornible today

my sentence is mainly horrible, but also a bit horny


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