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joke: going it alone and relying on your toot content to power you through

woke: catering toots to specifically target multiple key demographics to maximize potential

bespoke: anarchist boost cooperatives to share the workload

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personality tests that claim to be "real science" are extra fascist with two layers of "how did you ever think this was a good idea" on top

personality tests are inherently fascist

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lesbians are really nice, having an accepting community you can count on is absolutely amazing
thanks lesbians

if you really think about it, yes ALL donuts are decentralized

i fucking love it, and then follow them home so you can buy!

genital mention shitpost Show more

genital mention shitpost Show more

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any other community:
girl: my dick hurts
everyone: WHAT the FUCK
69 year old man: heh let's cyber

girl: my dick hurts
everyone: big fucking mood
69 year old man: jood (jean mood)

For those who are unaware, spoonie refers to Spoon Theory. And you can read up about it here:

You can run a profitable company — which we are — without using a surveillance business model.

Nothing Can Stop Google. 🦆 DuckDuckGo Is Trying Anyway.

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