@IronMan and All , accounts, Twitter locked me down overnight for tweeting out the truth. I was deemed a bot and got locked out of my account.

Truly, Twitter doesn't want the "truth information" out there.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

You're kidding! I wonder what triggered the script flag you? Were you retweeting a lot? Did you get an email notice from Twitter? What did it say? Not cool.


Trin, it was about Obstruction of justice and to make these calls today to their MoC's.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

What the? One tweet and you're out? How long are you in Twitter jail for?

As I see them and have time, do you guys mind if I do screenshots or copy your toots here and then tweet them over on the other side? Then you'll still be heard? Twitter can't totally silence you that way.


@TrinityTheCat @IronMan
Here it is:

💥People burn down your telephones tomorrow ASAP. We can't allow Barr and trump to continue to go rogue.

Neither are above the law.

We can't afford to let democracy die.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

What was your Twitter id again? It was different than this one, right?

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