@IronMan and All , accounts, Twitter locked me down overnight for tweeting out the truth. I was deemed a bot and got locked out of my account.

Truly, Twitter doesn't want the "truth information" out there.

@AgentCarter_SSR @IronMan I got unlocked an hour ago. It was a tweet that I needed people to get on the phones today because we are witnessing democracy burning to the ground and obstruction of justice.

I just reviewed it a moment ago, I had deep maga and Q accts targeting me. I blocked them and will forward over to @ANGRYNAVALOFFICER group.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

You're kidding! I wonder what triggered the script flag you? Were you retweeting a lot? Did you get an email notice from Twitter? What did it say? Not cool.


Trin, it was about Obstruction of justice and to make these calls today to their MoC's.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

What the? One tweet and you're out? How long are you in Twitter jail for?

As I see them and have time, do you guys mind if I do screenshots or copy your toots here and then tweet them over on the other side? Then you'll still be heard? Twitter can't totally silence you that way.

@TrinityTheCat @IronMan
Here it is:

💥People burn down your telephones tomorrow ASAP. We can't allow Barr and trump to continue to go rogue.

Neither are above the law.

We can't afford to let democracy die.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan

What was your Twitter id again? It was different than this one, right?

I can't say that I'm surprised.

If I get my account back at this point, I'm going to delete it.

Twitter doesn't deserve the users and doesn't deserve to shove ads in front of my face.

@IronMan Mastodon is my new home. Twitter is too toxic, and it absolutely brings out the worst in good people.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan
Very true. Maybe that should be a new ht for use by those still there guiding people here.

@IronMan @jackiefoxybrown it’s crazy how this is happening over there. I’m glad we have here. I’m sorry it’s happening.

@SteveRogers @IronMan They sure don't Captain. I'm just so over Twitter.

The last 2 days since I have been in here has kept me calm and I'm happy again.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan I haven't even logged on there in days. I've considered making a pinned tweet letting people know to find me here, but I've also considered just deleting the app from my devices.

@AgentHill @IronMan I've been working behind the scenes to bring strictly good people in here who have the same interests as us.

I've been super careful in which ones to ask if they would like to cross over minus the foolery.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan This is what we need. There are too many bad accounts, RTs of false information, things we don't need cluttering up our feeds. This is a chance to start over with good people. It will take a while to build up good followings here with the smaller population, but I'd rather have 1000 good followers here than 19,000 questionable ones there with my 1000 who care. (I have 50-some now, but it's been three days.)

@AgentHill @jackiefoxybrown @IronMan I've been puzzling over this. I like the idea of a clutter free place. Sharing strategies, news, insight and ideas. Using Twitter, as well, to engage with the general population where the battle is fought. Motivation, news of events, ways to volunteer and, I'll admit, cheer leading. "Despair" was a great tweet. Being hit by the troll bots was a sign you got under someones skin. And you're stronger for it. And I've managed to reach my new character limit.😜

@IronMan @BizarroSuperman @jackiefoxybrown When everyone who boosts your signal is gone, tweeting is useless. I haven't lost my account, but I don't want to tweet to myself. I'll tweet to 60 people here for now. We'll build it and they'll come.

I hear that. Moving here, as well as the team's quick response on Twitter in protest, was brilliant. People seeing the affect of the attack, so close to home, made 'meddling' real. I wonder what other kinds of strategies could counter them🤔

If only they cared over there. They don't. We are eliminated.

@SteveRogers Never eliminated. A strategic relocation to more fertile grounds. You moved to a better neighborhood.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan and yet Trump doesn't get the same treatment for his triple-digit tweet days.

@PietroPie @IronMan Yes, it was contacting MoC's today in yesterday's Barr working for trump. it was a saving democracy tweet. @TrinityTheCat has the tweet.

@jackiefoxybrown @IronMan @TrinityTheCat Wow. Are you back now? It looks like you are okay. Checking

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