@Aryakicksbutt And everyone else

I couldn't believe that I had to do a tweet about this just a few minutes ago. One resist acct was asking other resist accts "who should she vote for in the primary."

When someone has to ask other accts on who to vote for in the primary, then you have a problem.

It should be who YOU think is best suited for the job as long as it's blue.

Do not make this complicated. t.co/b798046Fgz

@CatFanatic9 YASSSSS! Everyone welcome my buddy Cat. I'm so glad that you have crossed over darling. Many accounts are already in here as well as accts.


And everyone else🤗

@IronMan and All , accounts, Twitter locked me down overnight for tweeting out the truth. I was deemed a bot and got locked out of my account.

Truly, Twitter doesn't want the "truth information" out there.

The craziness is on. Look what Allan Creasy D candidate running for office there just tweeted:

This is an ACTUAL Bill being debated by the Tennessee State Legislature Today.

Yes, this is, in fact, Real.

SMDH. t.co/BGYIAz31Oj

@PietroPie We were just discussing this minutes ago.

This tweet was from Ben Rhodes.

"Democrats would be insane to not reach out to Andrew Yang, learn from what he built and how he did it, and make him a part of our future in this campaign and beyond."

I was just reviewing some of the resisters tweeting. And I noticed a couple of blue check marks as well, all wanting different candidates out.

I don't know how we will get to where we need to be if these people continue to bash every candidate.

Welcome sister!!! I'm so happy that you joined. You're in a better place now 😍❤🤗😘


BREAKING: Andrew Yang is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race for White House. “The decision was pretty clear,” Yang’s campaign manager tells me. “It doesn't feel honest to keep taking money and enthusiasm from our supporters, but also from the Democratic Party."


BREAKING: AG Barr is taking control of legal matters of interest to President Trump, including the Roger Stone sentencing, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. t.co/TR87t1U1DW

I really don't know what it is going to take to rid us from Barr and trump before November. Things are about to get even worse.

I think it's long past time to take to the streets. Literally, the country was already burning, but we are at an all scale wildfire that is escalating by the minute.

Holy smokes peeps! Now a 3rd prosecutor has resigned.

From Maddow:

And now prosecutor Adam Jed is out as well.

"The fire alarm is well and truly pulled here. "

From President Obama just now:

"Even if the methods are new, sowing the seeds of doubt, division, and discord to turn Americans against each other is an old trick. The antidote is citizenship: to get engaged, organized, mobilized, and to vote - on every level, in every election. "

The time has come for the House Dems to start the impeachment process on barr and trump ASAP.

Neither are above the rule of law.

Good morning my dear friends. I'm glad to be reunited with you.

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