a mastodon instance where after you log in for the first time this video pops up in a little window with a play button (take 2) icosahedron.website/media/fsXN

I think instead of "cyberpunk" we should start calling ourselves "netfuckers"

"ohh i wonder when this field became part of the american quarter, let me just look it up"

my dad is visiting and boy does he love to stop and read signs

sooo.. witch.town or slime.global?

who is cooler and therefore which one should i join?

🌵🔫 i think if they were both sentient a gun and a cactus would be friends cuz they're shaped kind of the same

1/2 the activity on here are weird bots doing stuff and this place still is better than twitter

is it true that mastodon is actually a psyop created by hover and namecheap to spur people into paying crazy prices for hip domain names such as "balls.hypno.gongle.sigil", "godzone.fuck" and "will.i.am.shitner"

drunk man on the subway REFUSING to hold onto anything while he stumbles around the train like a pinball.

i salute you.

cant wait til i learn how to spell mastadon properly...

one day

every twitter feature thats missing on mastadon feels like a breath of freedom. that quote retweet format is such a source of snark and shaming.

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