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would you fav and boost more often if i carried around a knife or pair or scissors while i said stupid shit? sound off in the comments below!

yeah i remember when the enterprise crashed into a space muffin what the hell are you on

>gay+ trans woman calls cishet man a 'little bitch'
>THIS is what HOMOPHOBIA looks like

I just... I need a moment

Boost this toot to help me rebuild also to get the word out that social sucks now

did this person draw an absolute shit ton of pot and then put the loadbearing "joke" on a little sign in the distance?

that β€œfriendship ended” meme but it’s friendship ended with .cloud now bofa is my new friend send toot

he's "wil" instead of "will" because he's completely unable to take the L

starting a gofundme to tape a bunch of squirrels together

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