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starting a gofundme to tape a bunch of squirrels together

I'll probably migrate to or something tomorrow, idk

Any other suggestions for an instance? Is cool?

shout out to will wheaton for ruining everything he touches

does anybody know how to throw away a trash can

okay back to your normal rhia content uhhhh

what if todd and pepsi boy were actually the same person?

tell wil wheaton I said 

he is not welcome at my Halloween pizza party

I just want a place that's cool with me being an exhibitionist and also ranting about how much I hate cops???? Damnit


this shit sucks dude, this all just feels like forum bullshit.

Lmao I just got Extremely Horny on Main, and not only did I not lose followers, I gained one 😢😢

ok so with the song "love shack" are we honestly meant to believe this is a shack of love? they are clearly boning in the shack. this is a den of iniquity

when you follow your old account with your new instance account

really failing to see why anyone would want to fuck a clown.

- uses whiteface (racist)
- looks dumpy in loose-fitting clothes and large shoes
- would probably spray seltzer water in your pussy or something

YES it might be wrong what the .social mods did

NO it does not make it ok to launch targeted harassment campaigns against people who you think "wronged" you

come on people


ok i was on birdsite a bit and its still way worse than this site in dramamode

Yo if we cool and you move on somewhere else, smash the follow on your new instance. I binge this app for one hour at a time and then take a twelve hour nap, and I’d hate to miss your sweet, sweet toots if you left whilst I slumbered.

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