talkin about a sad and bad situation 

talkin about a sad and bad situation 


hopping on my old account for a sec, cuz I genuinely want to understand your motives:

why would you hop into my mentions to shout all-caps slurs at me,, and then block me? I would think your goal was to elicit a reaction, isn't blocking me before I can get upset sort of antithetical to that? Or if your goal wasn't to make me upset, what *was* it?

@seagazelle what words is this meant to represent, seriously I have no idea

Weight Less? Wright Lass??

bofa new user orientation 

just posting this again because i want to make sure everyone knows. a good amount of people i interact with have moved too so check for them and anyone who doesn't seem active anymore!

@shepardstone just don't use any real info I don't think it does. I super get it. itll be fun again tomorrow once the WilW drama dies down @CJBurger ye I mean it is nice to have an instance where I can be funny and also Hornt on Main without clashing too much. But I don't love the mods here on .cloud and i feel like I should vote with my choices

But idk I got like 30 boosts for both-sidesing the argument so idk what that means lol

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