@Jessiscah@mastodon.social Nor even an authentically straight space

I run my two Mastadon instances in two separate tabs. Is this logical? I would like to be able to set different background colours for different instances, please.

Well, the Federated timeline is going too fast and the Local timeline is static - and unreadable (to me). What to do?

@reirasartistry OK, I'm moving to mastodon.art as my local. Not entirely sure what this means atm. I exported my following csv from here and imported it at mostodon.art I presume my followers will just continue to follow. Anyway, like the idea of it.

It's actually pretty impressive that Mastodon got this far before the whole concept of images and laws and liability and moderation and "nothing on the internet is ever as simple as you think because people are complicated" started to become a thing.

mastodon TOTAL as of Noon EST
267373 users

147981 (55%)

68259 (25%)

21461 (8%)

15175 (5%)

10994 (4%)


It's interesting how my instance is slowly turning into a Japanese zone, or similar.

Toot is a palindrome. This is a palindromic service. Madam, I'm Adam.

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