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Mastodon's federated network got me nostalgic about BBSs in the 90s.

Peek my BBS Software from '93 with ANSIs converted to PNGs. A smaller world than the www and social apps that we use today, but so much the same.


@wogan @thomas@social.tchncs.de lol, somehow I read that as 30 seconds. I guess I was seeing things.

Oh, nice - someone has already started an Ansible playbook for bringing up a Mastodon instance. github.com/ceejbot/mastodon-an

@thomas@social.tchncs.de @wogan Great article, and the only one like it that I have seen! Although... 15 minutes might be a more accurate estimate than 30 seconds. :) If someone would make a Vagrantfile that works with different providers, or an Ansible playbook.... then we might be in 30 second territory. I would love to have some time to follow this tutorial, and then try that afterwards.

@nickny Are you ready for some alcoholic sparkling water? Two hours, ten minutes, and counting.


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