hi - Hustle culture exists because being a worker is becoming a less and less feasible way to live - bye


"When the Yrapurú sings, all the other animals gather around to listen, the gentle and the savage, the good and the bad. And the music of the Yrapurú’s song fills the soul of all the animals with happiness and fraternal love, even those of which are natural enemies.” - quote from Mythology of the Amazon Country by Gastón Figueira

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Anyone know of any cooperative artist spaces/ communities (can be online too!)
Trying to understand what makes them successful

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If you run a #dnd campaign and you're in dire need of a fantasy city map, #gamedev watabou has a web-based page on itch.io that lets you generate a medievil city.. #procgen #pcg #map #roleplay


And even more impressive is toy-town a 3d visualiser for maps created in the generator.


if you're a DM/GM might be worth a look.

If Jeff Bezos redistributed 140 billion of his fortune (keeping 10 billion for himself) that would be enough to pay all amazon employees a $233,000+ bonus.

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Didn't know going corporate would leave me this emotionally drained

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How to write a thank you letter:
wow u really saved my butt


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