So, after the thing, my feed on that site turned to shit, so time to use Mastodon. This will be interesting.

Giving Mastodon another try. It didn't really gain critical mass last time, but who knows?

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@infil00p Seriously, they've been @'ing me all day, and I just want to go for a hike

maybe play some hackeysack

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Well, it took 48 hours until Nazis started appearing on Mastodon. So much for that.

Did anyone expect Ralph Goodale to tell the truth about this?

Seriously, it is plausible that the Minister doesn't know what an IMSI catcher is, and that he's instinctively saying that CSIS isn't doing it. I don't​ believe him.

So...This thing is a PWA. The first PWA that I've actually used. Let's see how it goes.

So, this thing is also made from 🐰 and Lemonade! I thought it couldn't scale. :P

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So CSIS are investigating rogue IMSI catchers (Stingrays) spotted around Parliament Hill. Not worrying a bit.

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