"Terminal Provocations" treads through familiar grounds without being ... provocative? My review of the latest is here: impendingfascination.com/termi

"The End is At Hand" for 's - a good wrap up to the series that leaves a backdoor for more. My review is here: impendingfascination.com/agent

A "Brand New Day" dawns for
, but could it be leading to an unhappy ending? My review of this weeks is here: impendingfascination.com/brand

The premiere of @CBSAllAccess is here and it's a good chance to ask yourself if you take your too seriously. My review of "Second Contact" is here: impendingfascination.com/lower

“After, Before” likes to take the stakes and not only raise them but also throw them up in the air and see who they might impale on the way down. My review of this weeks is here: impendingfascination.com/after

So you've had @hbomax for awhile now and binged all the modern you can? Want to dip into the classic era but feel intimdiated? These @BBC edited episodes can help: impendingfascination.com/class

ends its first season without answering a lot of questions. Still it's a satisifying watch. My of the @PrimeVideo series is here: impendingfascination.com/tales

Alien Commies From The Future! takes us back to the for a fun romp with but are we done there or might we get an appearance from ? impendingfascination.com/2020/

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