Waylaid by a . I can get nothing done. I was able to send an email but now I must return to the dark.

@wilw aaaand another thing, about the trivia answer. It feels like you're a bigger deal now than you have ever been. An acting career to be proud of for sure, but the role in geek culture, mental health advocacy, being a great family man... dude, you're just starting to 'splode.

Alright, fanboy mode off. I just wanna help folks, that's my thing.

@wilw Just read your wwdn post. I know how that is when the inner narrative is just too loud and convincing. YOU ARE SO VALUED to me and to countless legions. We love you like a brother or best friend that we wish we had.

The thing I've been repeating to myself lately is "you've made it THIS far".

Can't wait to read your book.

I'm seeking a chest/cross-body/fanny-pack-esque bag I can comfortably carry my iPad Pro 10.5", a thin portable power supply, keys, etc. You know, not a purse. Ha! OK, a purse. I have tried a few options like a crappy one I found in Tokyo, an Under Armour sling backpack (definitely a fail), and now an Oakley 'street belt bag' and just carrying the iPad separate. Any suggestions?

A spider just crawled into my keyboard so hey, workday is DONE

Hi tooters. I deactivated the bird yesterday and not looking back. I’m a Canadian living in the US since 2002, doing shit, , , a touch of , and pining away for the waitress in front of me who is also an engineer and going back to school to learn and . Working on growing a spine.

Unabashed .

Can someone recommend a decent app/site that can turn a profile photo into an anime cartoonish character? Not a chibbi like I already have. Not a fan of the giant heeed.

I like that mastodon.cloud still feels new enough that I can say "going to get coffee" like it's 2004.

Dear friends, please follow for delicious diatribes dedicated to . Also pics. - is that a thing yet?

Still looking for support for some automation needs. Anyone else want this?

Just putting mastodon.cloud/netdata up in the background on my personal laptop while I work.

Salut mes amis ! Je m'en vais a Paris cette mois pour une semaine--a part des sites populaires (Le Louvre etc), est-ce qu'il y a quel'que endroit je doit visiter?

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