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@trunk Please add me to Digital Rights, EU Politics, FLOSS, Technology.

New @mozilla report finds that ’s promotes hateful content and .

Could it be that... this is maybe... done on purpose... because that's how... makes money? 🤔

.@Gizmodo's opinion piece "In 2030, You Won't Own Any Gadgets" vividly paints the DRM future we're all headed for, where abuse of copyright turns everything from your kitchen appliances to your door-lock into a printer-ink dystopia.

Preach @vicmsong!

Hello Mastodon, we finally made it 🎉 We are a pan-european NGO with one specific goal: to make privacy a reality. noyb stands for "none of your business" and pursues strategic and effective enforcement by thoroughly analyzing privacy violations and litigating them. Want to know more about us? Then visit

We’ve only got 10 months left to gather 950,000 signatures on our ECI to tell the EU to make the law clear and ban biometric mass surveillance.


Join us:

All EU MEPs were sent opened letters by before Tuesday’s final vote on #chatcontrol 👏. How would you feel if your private mail was opened and scanned without any reason?
Act now:

Oh yes can we please shoot all our billionaires into space?

These kids will be ready for facing the reality of what users actually understand ! Great training !


Best example of why we, developers, need to make our docs extremely specific.


The EU Digital Markets Act is an opportunity to change how the most powerful platforms act.

Along with over a dozen civil society organizations, EFF is asking the EU Parliament to include interoperability obligations and focus on end-user rights.

The German DPA @ulrichkelber rocks: After previous warnings he has now given German government institutions until the end of the year to quit or else face sanctions.

A compliant use of Facebook pages would currently not be possible.

#FDroid made it to #Jolla Store! 🎉 We hope #SailfishOS users can get good use out of our modest repository of 3500+ #FLOSS #apps.

Everybody: can we please stop calling it "" if I want to run the software *I want* on *my device*?

Nobody would say I'm "sideloading" Whatsapp when I go to and download their damn Windows client.

RT @urbanthoughts11
Selling this as freedom to people in cities was one of the most impressive publicity stunts of the 20th century

Eine Netzwelt ohne personalisierte Werbung: Mit der #TrackingFreeAds-Coalition könnte diese Online-Utopie in der #EU schon bald Wirklichkeit werden. Als eine von 27 Partnerorganisationen stellen wir uns heute hinter ihre Ziele. @ilumium

@edri Absolutely pumped to see so much positive feedback and so many orgs joining the cause for legislation in Europe!

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✋🏾Stop tracking us✋🏾

We @edri & 25+ orgs are joining forces to support the Coalition led by MEPs that stand against -invasive ads.

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