@kuketzblog Interessanter Aspekt, danke fürs Aufschreiben. Beträfe dieses Problem nicht Emails genauso, insbesondere Mailinglisten und Mail-Exploder? Auch dort kann ja ein*e Absender*in nicht sehen, bei welchen Anbietern eine Nachricht am Ende landet.

Genau betrachtet stimmt dies sogar schon bei 1:1 Emails, wenn ein*e Teilnehmer*in eine Custom Domain verwendet.

Wie wäre das dort geregelt?

"Hyperscalers [like ] have the same criteria of success as cancers. -- Why do you want to replicate in Europe?"

Watch this invaluable rant of @aral in front of the European Parliament.


Today we're launching our new video in support of student #UserFreedom. Watch the University of Costumed Heroes and share our message to stand up for the rights of the younger generation. u.fsf.org/fsfheroes

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👊🇪🇺The Privacy Shield ruling makes decentralised communications all the more relevant; for governments and all organisations with EU operations. Check out analysis by our DPO @denisersalmeida@twitter.com and how @matrixdotorg@twitter.com and Element fit the picture! 🇪🇺 👊


🐦🔗: twitter.com/element_hq/status/

The U.S. and EU "have initiated discussions to evaluate the potential for an enhanced framework" to comply with the judgement.

Do all bad things come in threes?


Humanity will be indebted to the person who adds a "YOUR TYPING IS AUDIBLE IN THE VIDEO CALL" indicator to all operating systems.

“Datenschutzbedenken: Politiker erwägen Rückzug von Tiktok”: Ich freue mich, dass BMG die Datenschutzproblematik erkannt hat und würde die Einstellung begrüßen. Ich empfehle, diese Überlegungen auch für Plattformen mit ähnlicher Ausprägung anzustellen! heise.de/news/Datenschutzbeden

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat Okay fair point. But isn't that true for potentially anything you do on your computer?

@qbi Wie können Leute nur mit produktiv arbeiten? Selbst grundlegende Eigenschaften eines Textes sind nur nach Lernen einer eigenen Skript-Sprache einstellbar. ;)

WTF: If you try to block via your hosts configuration file from constantly sending unspecified & uncontrolled data to , it will not allow that change & classify it as "severe security risk", because 🤦‍♂️


Just learned the awful truth: there are companies out there offering professional " & Traveller Services".

"Our representatives can help by quickly moving them on" because "landowners have the right to use reasonable force if required."

The CEOs of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon tried to shift the narrative about whether their companies are monopolies. But their statements don’t match reality. Read more here: protonmail.com/blog/tech-ceos-

"Much of the planet’s political trajectory may depend on just how dangerous ’s people imagine to be in the hands of centralized power. Until they secure their personal , at some unimaginable cost, free people everywhere will have to hope against hope that the world’s most intelligent machines are made elsewhere."


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"Chinese police extract all the data they can from ’ bodies. They measure height and take a blood sample. They record voices and swab . Some Uighurs have even been forced to participate in experiments that mine genetic data, to see how DNA produces distinctly Uighurlike chins and ears."


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