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We @edri & 25+ orgs are joining forces to support the Coalition led by MEPs that stand against -invasive ads.


Hey @e_mydata, since has unfortunately dropped support for the wonderful , can I continue to recommend people to buy it from you? For how long will you support it with updates?

In a 2020 letter to management, Max Eliaser, an software engineer, said is “simply not compatible with a free society”.

He's right.

--> "Amazon’s Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen": theguardian.com/commentisfree/

" junta labels opposition government of ousted MPs a ‘terrorist’ group"

If only the Burmese military had an EU-style online content law like , they could simply suppress the opposit.... wait, oh my.

Quite stunning how openly some of the largest tech companies in Europe are blackmailing the EU:

"You want us to be global leaders? Just give us €10 billion in tax payer money and we'll do it (and become even richer on the way)."

Source: PoliticoEurope

Is it just me or does @ubuntu 20.04 LTS ship with 7.68.0 which contains 7 security vulnerabilities, some of which have been known for almost a year?


The state of the in the EU is bad if the refuses to prevent blatant infringements of EU law by Member States & instead rambles about an "absolute necessity of law enforcement" that is allegedly more important (via )

It's funny to see that all politicians who understand how digital technology works vote against this kind of wild proposal, and the others don't -- and that across party lines.

(OK, I don't know what's happening in the .)

Via @echo_pbreyer

⚒️ The is sledgehammering the moderation of online speech, threatening to crush freedom of expression instead of enabling it. My latest for @edri:


The latest by @edri bringing you the hottest digital rights news is out! 🥁🎉

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👀 And more!


Ban ads! Excellent campaign from the folks at in the U.S. 👏

In the EU, too, we should protect people & society against targeted manipulation.


Alle: "Es ist , wir müssen unseren Energieverbrauch senken!"

so: "Wir zeigen, wie einfach man mit der Grafikkarte Geld errechnet."

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