Just learned the awful truth: there are companies out there offering professional " & Traveller Services".

"Our representatives can help by quickly moving them on" because "landowners have the right to use reasonable force if required."


BREAKING: The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US .

All details available here: noyb.eu/cjeu

Great to see another large public organisation, the Council of Europe, is using @nextcloud to host and share files without compromising user .

Hey lovers! Here is the new , made with ❤️ in Brussels:

🔹 under siege
🔹: drone surveillance in Greece
🔹Court smacks down law in France
🔹Massive leak in Malta
🔹and much more!

Find them all here: edri.org/edri-gram/18-12/

Has anyone yet understood what this "enhanced " is that is talking about?

For people interested in : The latest is out, this time including:

🔹's recommendations
🔹The sinister consequences of
🔹Authorities monitor social media in UK
🔹Scammers flood with fake ads
🔹and more! ,

Find it all here: edri.org/edri-gram/18-11/

The uses a "proprietary instant messaging solution" for classified information, says foreign policy chief .

It's so secure that I'm not allowed to tell you its name.


and only for the privileged -- who would have ever thought this could happen?

"The must create a region-wide secure standard for online communications to avoid discussions between officials being hacked by either criminals or foreign governments, Estonia’s defence minister said."

Ehm, you mean something like @matrix ?

RT @meridithmcgraw@twitter

Twitter has now applied a new warning to President Trump’s late night tweet telling”thugs” that “when the looting starts the shooting starts” saying it violates rules about “glorifying violence.”

Reminder for people interested in : The latest is out.

🔸 How affects marginalised communities
🔸 : analysing mergers
🔸 EDRi's network strategy
🔸 Fighting police in Paris
🔸 and more! ,

👉 edri.org/edri-gram/18-10/

The plans to invest 1.5 trillion Euros in relaunching the economy post-. But why the hell is in their plan??

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